A Guide to Different Exhibition Stand Types

Employing the services of an exhibition stand contractor is a business expense that pays for itself in sales. The resulting stands showcase products and services, attracting potential investors or customers. The contractor will help choose the right design for their clients, from simple to complex and stands for one-time use to those travelling to trade shows and conventions.

There are a variety of different types of stand available. Choose from modular, custom, or portable exhibition stands depending on your requirements. Walls and ceilings are also optional for most display types. Hiring a stand for an exhibition is also a viable option for a lot of businesses.

Modular display systems
These types of stands are made up of components and are the most versatile display solution. Using modular sections also allows the size and shape of the stand to change with each trade show or convention to fit in assigned spaces, or tailor the stand to different demographics. The background can be solid or fabric for utility. Projected images provide changing graphic displays to attract customers.

Custom built stands
Any business can use a custom display stand. These types of stands can be built to create the maximum impact. They can be designed to meet the exact requirements of an organisation and make use of every inch of the allocated area. These types of stands are ideal for a new product or service launch as they can be built specifically carpintería de madera around a specific theme. However, these stands will be less flexible if changes need to be made for future exhibitions. They may also require a larger area to be stored in.

Portable stands
Portable displays are the most inexpensive type of stand. They consist of poles or framework with printed banners attached. Graphics printed or painted on the banners advertise the product(s) or business. Banner stands are also versatile in their ability to change size and shape with different assigned spaces.

Exhibition Stand Hire
Businesses that attend a limited number of shows often choose to hire exhibition stands. Exhibition stand contractors usually have a selection of display structures which are available to hire. Hiring a stand eliminates the need for crews to pack and unpack, assemble and ship stands. It also eliminates the shipping and storage costs associated with owning this type of kit. Another benefit is that a company can constantly change their exhibition display in order to keep pace with style changes and their business’s needs.

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