Don’t Ever Lose Your Cherry Again – Cherry Tattoos and You

Cherry tattoos are a long time favourite of tattoo enthusiasts. With deep symbolic meanings and history it is no wonder. The cherry can symbolize so much to the barer of such tattoos. Not to mention with such a simple design the possibilities are limitless. So what is so great about a cherry tattoo?

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Well let us first look at the symbolism behind the cherries. Cherries are seen as an object of lust, desire and fertility. The deep, ripe red cherry symbolizes the fertility of a female and the femininity of her ways. It is a symbol of purity when still hanging upon the branch. A very common placement for this tattoo is a result is on the hip of a female or around the inner thigh groin area. A cherry is also a slang term for a virgin, which can be another symbolic meaning of the cherry tattoo.

The type of cherry design you choose can also change the symbolism, where cherries with the stem still attached show freshness and innocence. Flaming cherries can symbolize a burning desire and cherries with whip cream can signify sweetness. Others simple choose cherries to symbolize health and well being due to the many health benefits associated with eating cherries. Of course you are not limited to those stylings by any way or means they are simply the most common styles and what they represent.

Colouration can also be an important factor in choosing your cherry tattoo. Like cherries themselves, cherry tattoos can be found in all colours shapes and sizes. Some choose them to resemble their favourite type of cherry others choose colour based purely on their own personal likes and dislikes. Bright red cherries or light pink ones or even green and yellow ones, like any tattoo the colouring is up to you and the colour you decide upon can make your tattoo that much more unique and stylized to your body and personality.