Personal Alarms – Don’t Leave Home Without One

Personal Alarms are a necessary tool to have when you’re camping or walking in the woods.

Many people today are going camping and hiking for their vacation instead of going to Disney World or Hawaii or taking a trip to Europe. Unfortunately a good number of these folks have never been in the woods before (or at least since they were young) and don’t realize the potential danger they can be in.

Sure — hiking is a lot of fun. However, many people like to go off the main path and go their own way. They don’t realize how easy it is to lose your bearings and get lost!

Imagine yourself lost in the woods and your cell phone is not getting a signal. Then you have to revert to yelling steel bite pro your head off for help. You’re in the forest, so how far do you think your voice travels? Not far!

A Personal Alarm gives off a very loud (120-130 db) alarm which can be heard for a long distance. Plus the alarm has a distinctive sound to make sure that your fellow campers can recognize this sound. Plus, many Personal Alarms come with a flashlight that comes in pretty handy in the woods at night.

Everyone in your party should carry a Personal Alarm. They are inexpensive and can be carried in your hand, in your pocket or even clipped to your belt. Make sure that you instruct everyone what to do when they hear the alarm go off.

Don’t forget that there are creatures in the woods, some of them might not be very friendly and they may bite. This is another use for your Personal Alarm – set it off and the sound should scare almost any animal away and, it will get the attention of your fellow campers and let them know that you’re in trouble.

By the way, it’s also a good idea to carry some sort of Self Protection Device, e.g. a Stun Baton, Pepper Spray or even a Telescopic Steel Baton just in case someone or some animal tries to get up close and personal.