Alkaline Water – The Foundation For pH Balance

Vibrant Health and energy begins with proper pH Balance and drinking alkaline drinking water. The foundation of pH balance is proper nutrition. A body that is pH balanced (acid alkaline balanced) is a body that’s healthy, energetic, and vibrant. When you ere overly acidic, it may become sick, tired, and diseased. Drinking structured, mineral rich, alkaline drinking water should be your first step in beginning any pH balancing program.

According to author Sung Bong in his book, HISTORY OF ALKALINE WATER MAKER, the Japanese discovered that the healthiest water to drink is alkaline water (or ionized water).

Alkaline water was initially used in agriculture on plants and animals. Eventually, experiments were conducted by medical professionals on the human body and when these experiments completed, Japanese doctors concluded that ionic, structured alkaline water was the healthiest form of water for the human body, and that it alleviated many symptoms of adult diseases. Eventually, Japanese hospitals began to use water ionizers for the treatment of their patients, and on Jan. 15, 1966, the water ionizer was approved as a health improvement medical Blood balance device by the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry of the Japanese Government.

Japanese-made water ionizers were first introduced to Korea in the 1970’s, and today they are also approved as medical devices by the government of South Korea. In 1985, they found their way into the United States. Unfortunately, these water ionizers are expensive, costing as much as $1000. The alternative to using a water ionizer is to use pH drops that make your water alkaline.

The Japanese classify human diseases into 2 categories: contagious disease and adult diseases. Adult degenerative diseases are non-contagious disease we get as a result of getting older. Examples are diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, gout, kidney disease, chronic diarrhea and constipation, hemorrhoids, asthma, hay fever, allergies, headaches, fibromyalgia, neuralgia (nerve pain), psoriasis, hives, eczema, indigestion, gas, nausea, morning sickness, tooth and gum diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, and leg cramps. Many claim that the underlying cause of these adult diseases is the accumulation of acid wastes in the body, poor blood circulation and poor cell activity.

Since these adult diseases are caused by too much acid in our body, according to the Japanese, unless the treatment actually removes acids from the body, The ‘cure’ at best will be only temporary. And if the medicine were successful in removing acid from the affected area, the acid would go to some other place in the body to create side effects there. Medical researchers have been looking for medicine to cure every kind of disease. None of these drugs reduce the acidity of the body. As a matter of fact, most pharmaceutical drugs are acidic.

Herman Aihara, in his book entitled ACID & ALKALINE, states the following: “If the condition of our extra cellular fluids, especially the blood, becomes acidic, our physical condition will first manifest as tiredness, proneness to colds, etc. When these fluids become more acidic, our condition then manifests as pains and suffering such as headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, etc. According to Keiichi Morishita in his HIDDEN TRUTH OF CANCER, if the blood develops a more acidic condition, then our body deposits these acidic substances in some area of the body so that the blood will be able to maintain an alkaline condition.

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