Black, White Or Stainless?

In our kitchen where we live we have all black appliances. Now I have to admit, this is my personal favorite. I like the black because of the dark look to it. Its not all bright and fancy like some of the whites and stainless steels. This is the reason why also i have to put up with finger print smudges all over everything that I own thats black. It doesn’t matter if its a fridge or a black shirt, you will end up getting something on it. But black has always appealed to me, so I continue to like and enjoy it.

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If you are a stainless person, then Im sure that you have a bit more money to spend than a lot of us around here. Stainless is usually about 1.5 times as much in cost as the traditional black and white. It does look very good and with the right touch in the right kitchen, you can create something that looks spectacular black lives matter t-shirt. I have a few family members that have stainless and it goes very well with the granite countertops that they have in the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and black granite go very well together in my opinion. Now Im sure if you were to ask a woman, they would tell you that this is too basic, but I like basic, I think that its looks the best.

If you like white appliances that is fine as well. They are just very basic looking and don’t add a whole lot to a room. We all have had white appliances but most of the time as we get old, we for some reason or another transition from white to black to stainless it seems like. Most of the people that have stainless steel appliances that I know are much older than myself. Its really quite interesting when you think that age has something to do with the kind of appliances that you pick out, but it is what it is.

Whether you choose black, white, or stainless, its all the same really. The goal is to keep things cold and cook things, so in the end, just make sure it works!

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