Humanity In Diaspora

Man is essentially spirit, fleetingly body, and eternally a soul.

Man – A Spirit In Diaspora:
The spirit of man is ever seeking to fathom and discern his purpose, essence, reason, habitation, and the wider world that defines his existence. Its like man is built with an in borne mechanism that perpetually motivates his desire to search out the his depth, but also that which is beyond him. Religion and spirituality thus becomes man -his tools of comprehension, his gateway to the much glorified paradise. In his pursuit of his objective to have mastery of himself, his spirit within him struggles to unravel the mystery of his surrounding. Consciously and unconsciously, the spirit of a man hungers for that which is incomprehensible, and unknown. The mechanizations of man’s spirit drive him further afield into unknown spiritual odysseys and earthly territories. The fervent longing of his spirit for identity and fulfillment drives him within his inner dais, and without, the Diaspora.

Man – A Body In Diaspora:
Man in body is a mass of living form, progressively growing and learning, but never fully apprehending; the body like earth, ever wearing and tearing, unable to retain its glorious essence until final demise and transformation or translation into another state. Succinctly, man in living body is a restless mass of insatiable sojourn.

Man – A Soul In Diaspora:
The soul; what can be said of the soul? The soul is an ethereal and eternal phenomenon. The breath of God is the soul of man. The soul is two dimensional i.e. the living soul -earthly; the dead soul -heavenly. God breathed into Adam’s nostrils and he became a living being -Exodus. 2:7.The being is the soul. In the soul is lodged the insatiable, and morbid restless quest that has made man unsatisfied with his dwelling on earth. Because the soul is dual by divinity, one part terrestrial, the other celestial, earth can not fully fulfill his aspirations. The celestial part of his soul will eternally long for something beyond the terrestrial, something he himself can not ever fully apprehend nor comprehend.

The soul -living being- of man is 100% divine, and 100% human; the conflicting nature of both spiritual forces has inevitably driven him into a permanent state of Diaspora.

Biblical Evidence:
From the beginning, and right through the ages mankind has quested and, thirsted for new habitations. From the 失眠催眠 dawn of time, man has always been driven and motivated by an inexplicable desire to leave his immediate domicile to unknown habitations.

Genesis 11:2 quotes, “and as they migrated from the east they came upon a plain…and settled there”. And at the Diaspora on the Plains of Shinar, it was recorded in Genesis 11:4, that they being not contended, said one to another, “come let us build our selves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens…”. No sooner had they arrived Shinar, they already desired to move on and up; the Tower of Babel was the next level of man’s progressive migration, an indication that if they had succeeded in getting to the top of the heavens, they would as quickly move up the next level. The Lord God dispersing mankind for fear of their unity in purpose, and restless lust to seek that which is unknown and above them, attests to the migratory nature of man; ever seeking new habitats, ever expanding unto higher horizons of quest.

This trend inherent in man is a spiritual malaise; the ‘Tower of Babel’ still haunts the soul of man. After the scattering at ‘Babel’, men have never ceased from dispersing and gathering, migrating, and immigrating; a ceaseless motion of quest for that elusive utopian state.

Evolving Criss-Cross Of Multi-Cultural Diversity:
The history of mankind is full of tales of men departing their abode to new terrains, and their offspring’s venturing further into other territories. There is an ever flowing motion of peoples to and fro, so much so that cultural forms have evolve over time, carry-over norms from integrated traditions, gotten from constant migratory trends are most often interspersed with original or inherited lifestyles. The result is a criss-cross of multi-culturally diverse humanity. The ceaseless throng of dispersion, and regrouping has redefined and restructured every aspect of human life; geo-political, socio-cultural, religion, and ideology, so much so that new norms and forms of believes have evolved to become trends, and standards.

Evidences attest to the fact that by the present structures of cultures, and peoples, dating back to prehistoric times, no one group of people have wholly retained its original genetic cultural identity, or character. It has always been a continuous and sometimes harmonious overlapping of peoples, customs, cultures, ideas, aspirations and inspirations. The human spirit has been so structured by its creator that it hungers eternally for earthly fulfillment. There exists in the human heart some measure of emptiness, thus he seeks new senses of belonging.

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