About Aerial Work Platform Truck and Its Applications

An aerial work platform truck, sometimes referred to as an aerial lift work machine, cherry picker, crane lift, stabilizing crane, mobile elevator or cherry picker is a machine used to give temporary access to high elevated areas, often at ground level. This type of access can be required when installing building structures such as new buildings, bridges or shops and also in many other circumstances where ladders cannot safely go beyond the construction site. It is useful for easy and rapid progress up and down the work site as well as during maintenance or reparation works.


The lifting capacity, which is the maximum weight that can be lifted by this machine depends on various factors such as the distance and the type of the work to be done. The most common types of aerial work platform are cherry pickers, which can lift loads that are between two to ten tons. They are normally used in picking up and loading heavy goods from the ground. Mobile air-lifts, which are also sometimes called cherry pickers, can be fitted with cranes, which enables them to be used in the same way as a crane, and are used mainly for construction purposes.

In addition, there are several other types of aerial work platforms that are suitable for different tasks. Some of these are diggers, which are used to remove soil or rubbish in trenches, while others are demolition trucks, used for large scale demolitions. Some of them even make use of cranes for the transportation of heavy materials. Mobile scaffolding trucks are used for the transport of supplies on construction sites, while others are used for landscaping projects xe nang chay dau diesel 3 tan.

An aerial work truck is basically a forklift with its engine situated in front of it and its legs and wheels placed behind it. The height of the work truck is usually set using a hydraulic cylinder so that it can reach the required height. This is known as the working platform or work pole. In most cases, the truck is fitted with a winch so that it can be raised and lowered to carry out the job. This is why the work truck has been termed as a work truck.

Aerial work platforms are usually manufactured by the companies which have their own operations at the places where they are used. These platforms are also transported to the construction sites by truck. Most of these trucks have been newly built and only have the required platforms, which are of a particular design. The lifting capacity of the truck varies depending on the model which is being purchased. Usually the capacity is determined based on the weight of the load being carried.

One of the most important aspects about the operation of the aerial work platforms is the maintenance. This is because it needs to be maintained properly so as to avoid any accident at the place where it is being used. For this purpose, regular inspections are conducted by the safety authorities in order to ensure that it meets all the standards that have been set. For example, the oil should be changed at regular intervals so as to maintain the overall efficiency of the machine. Also, the lubricant should be changed as per the requirement. Since it is extremely vital to avoid accidents at the site, it is imperative to hire a company that has an experienced and well trained team of operators.

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