Vietnam Travel Guide – Best Time to Visit Vietnam

If you’re considering taking a Vietnam travel guide before your trip this year, you’ll probably want to read more than one before deciding on which Vietnam travel guide you purchase. Vietnam is such a beautiful, diverse and historic country that it’s easy to miss many of its charms if you don’t know where to look. This country is so different from all other countries that it’s easy to become confused. So use this Vietnam travel guide to help you navigate the country and experience the real Vietnam from start to finish

Vietnam Travel Guide - Discover the best time to go, places to visit and  things to do in Vietnam | Insight Guides

First, you should take time to acquaint yourself with this amazing country. Vietnam travel guide reviews can help you do this quickly and easily. The internet is filled with informative articles about Vietnam. If you don’t know someone who’s traveled to Vietnam or you have never been there, reading up on the country’s history, culture and current events is an invaluable activity. The internet also offers dozens of free resources that can help you plan your next trip, including everything from how to get a visa-free entry into Vietnam to finding great food, lodging, and tour information.

Next, use your Vietnam travel guide to find the best things to do in Vietnam. That’s right, you should include plenty of side trips. You need to visit the famous floating village, which are off the coast of Canggu, and which is one of the most scenic places in Vietnam. You can also visit the floating village, learn about the floating village and shop at its market, which is among the best things to do in Vietnam. You should also visit Hue, which is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam.

Your Vietnam travel guide will tell you about all the historical sites in Vietnam, from the famous statue of the Republic of Vietnam that came to symbolize the unity of the country to the old French Cathedral in the city center. You will also discover several other historical sites, including the Ha Long Bay, which boasts a large expanse of sandy beach that is perfect for families. You will see the old French castle on your trip as well. Another must-visit stop on your Vietnam itinerary is Hue, which is home to some of the best painted temples in Vietnam. You’ll be amazed by the rich history that lies within Hanoi’s walls.

One of the best things about traveling to Vietnam is that you can see both the good and bad in everyday life. Since Vietnam is experiencing a transition period from communism to capitalism, you can expect to encounter street vendors selling everything from flowers and herbs to souvenirs and brand goods. At nightfall, Vietnam becomes a vibrant city of color as street vendors light up the alleyways with lanterns, and small groups of travelers stroll along the many alleys. Vietnam is also a place where you can experience traditional Vietnamese fare, such as pho, a thin soup made from rice and meat which are often served at mealtime.

Other great things to expect when traveling to Vietnam include a wide variety of cheap restaurants in every district, many with their own unique style of cooking, such as one called La Trung. The Hoi An restaurant in downtown Hoi An is absolutely legendary, with its long, stretch of bare wooden floors and authentic, thick Vietnamese, white rice. Other great street food include hai koi, a thin soup of fish, vegetables and noodles; pho, a flavorful soup of stir fried noodles with bean sprout, onion and spices; and bao, a crispy, brown rice cake.