How to Play Ace-King in Hold’em Poker Tournaments

Ace-King (AK) is one of the biggest decision 에이스홀덤 hands in no-limit tournaments. It can make you or break you. AK is known to be a good “all-in hand” and it is, but you don’t want to push all you chips in every time you see it. You will have to learn how to play it well, and know when its time to make the all-in move.

In early stages of a tournament it’s a good idea to play AK lightly. Its not a good idea to play AK too aggressively pre-flop in early stages because there usually isn’t much of a pot to fight for. You need to make a pre-flop raise with AK but watch out for re-raises, you may want to fold to a large re-raise. If someone has already made a large raise its usually a good idea to just call and see if you hit an Ace or a King. If someone makes a small raise, double the blinds or so, you should make a re-raise to get some information. If he re-raises back you probably should toss the hand. Most likely he has a top pocket pair or AK and its not a good idea to risk a lot of chips hoping for a split pot.

When you have AK, you have about a 50% chance of hitting an ace or a king on the flop. When you do hit either card you will have top pair with the best kicker. Usually you will have the best hand on the flop so you want to make a good bet. In this situation I would make a bet about half the size of the pot. If you only have one opponent and the flop has a lot of random cards I might check the hand to try and get the other player to make a bet on the turn so I can raise him. But if the flop looks like it has a lot of flush or straight draws I might just bet on the flop so the other player doesn’t get any free cards.

When you hit an ace or a king and have lots of players in the pot you should always make a bet on the flop. Again, about half the pot would be a good bet. If someone makes a bet you should make a re-raise, especially if you are a beginner. Once you get the feel of the game, and believe you have the best hand, you can always just call and re-raise a bet on the turn. This can help build the pot. This is a more advanced play with AK though. It takes a good feel for the game to make plays like this.

I’m sure you want to know why AK is a good all in hand and when you should make the all-in move with it. So now I will explain how to effectively move all in with AK and why you should.

When you go all-in with AK your almost never in bad shape. The only time you will be in real bad shape with AK is when you up against aces. AK only has about a 10% chance of winning against aces. Against king you have about a 30% chance of winning. That’s not good but not that bad. If your up against any other pocket pair, its about a 50% chance of winning. And against 2 under cards you have more than a 60% chance of winning. The best situation would be against a ace and a random card or a king and a random card. In that situation you have about a 75% chance.

As you look above at all the odds you can see that an all in with AK is never a sure win but its never a sure loss either. The other reasons that AK makes a good all-in hand is that.

1. It can sometimes be the best hand without improving. If you weren’t all-in you might have been forced to fold the unpaired AK to an aggressive bettor. When your all in you cannot be bluffed out.

2. When AK wins its usually with just hitting one pair. This can be a hard hand to play especially for beginners. When you move all in a lot of hands that could have won with a draw would have folded.

3. A lot of the time when AK wins, its from hitting an ace or a king on the river or the turn. However if your not all in you would probably fold before the turn and river. Since your all in you get to see all 5 cards.

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