Discover the Truth About Essential Oils and Wrinkles

There are some things that you should know about essential oils and wrinkles. You might also be interested in the connection between taking fish oil and wrinkles smoothing out. Here you can learn a little bit about both of these subjects.

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Let’s start with essential oils and wrinkles. Sometimes, essential fatty acids are referred to as “essential oils”. But often times, the phrase is used to refer to concentrated plant fragrances that convey the “essence” of a botanical. Rosewater, for example, is called an essential oil. It is created by heating the petals in boiling water and using a distillation device to recover the water, but not the petals. If you use it, you’ll smell like a rose, but you won’t make a wrinkle go away with this kind of product hair care.

When it comes to fish oil and wrinkles, there’s a different story. Fish oil provides fatty acids that are the primary components of sebum, the skin’s natural moisturizer. Dry skin sags more. It is more easily damaged and causes wrinkles to look deeper. Adding fatty acids to your diet may help reduce dry skin and therefore reduce the depth of a wrinkle.

A recent study concerned fish oil and wrinkles, as well as lost firmness. It was shown that three months of supplementation with an omega3 fish-oil improved the skin’s firmness by about 10%. Firmer skin is obviously less wrinkled. Collagen injections and other forms of plastic surgery reduce wrinkling by stretching or plumping up the skin. So, increasing firmness is an important goal for anyone that wants to look younger.

There is no connection between essential oils and wrinkles or increased firmness. In fact, concentrated plant fragrances can cause allergic reactions. You may develop a rash or notice excessive redness. On the other hand, oil that is derived from plants is good for your skin’s health and appearance. Good examples include grape seed, olive and jojoba oil, along with Shea butter. High quality Shea butter has been known to fade age spots, stretch marks and smooth out fine lines.

If you like the results of the study concerning fish oil and wrinkles, you are sure to like the results of a clinical trial using a compound called Functional Keratin. The compound is a bioactive form of the protein keratin. Clinical studies showed a 40% improvement in firmness over the course of 18 days of use.

When it comes to essential oils and wrinkles, remember this. Added fragrances, even natural ones that have been concentrated, can cause allergic reactions. Fragrances can also cause moodiness, nervousness, depression and general feelings of malaise.

When it comes to fish oil and wrinkles, the important thing to remember is that taking an omega 3 supplement is beneficial to your overall health. Just be sure that the manufacturer uses molecular distillation. This insures that the oil will be free of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants.

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