A Guide to Aquariums

Aquariums have been around for millions of years and they are a type of tropical fish tank. The most basic definition is that an aquarium is a fish tank with live plants, rocks, sand, and/or decorative items placed in an environment similar to the ocean. Although an aquarium cannot be viewed as a type of tropical fish tank, an aquarium will provide the same benefits as a true fish tank.

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An aquarium was first created in the early 18th century with the creation of the first public aquarium in London. This aquarium was built by a rich collector and it quickly became popular all over Europe. A public aquarium could provide a place for aquarium enthusiasts to view beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. As the popularity of aquariums spread, people started constructing private aquariums on their own. Private aquariums were often built above or alongside private houses and were extremely luxurious dad gifts for birthday.

The first aquariums were made from metal, wood, and glass. In the early days, aquariums were not very practical since fish cannot easily swim through metal or wood. Many years later, improvements were made to the tank by the manufacture of polished plate glass. Most modern aquariums tanks are made from glass, acrylic, or fibreglass. These materials are strong enough to support marine life.

The aquarium was also useful for keeping exotic animals that are not native to a specific area. For example, sharks could be kept in an aquarium since these animals usually attack humans. The introduction of aquariums to the world wide oceans changed the way that people viewed sharks. People soon realized that sharks could be pets and would not eat or attack humans. Today, many people keep sharks as pets and occasionally use them for shows.

Some aquariums also had the purpose of breeding marine animals. In the 20th century, with the advent of aquariums that contained a variety of animals, the idea of breeding animals for profit became popular. Fish were bred for their unique attributes such as color, species, and type. The idea of breeding animals for profit ultimately led to dolphin shows.

The idea of owning an aquarium eventually spread to include aquatic mammals like whales and dolphins. As people started to view marine mammals as pets, they started capturing and breeding them. Today, most people would get attracted to the beautiful marine animals in aquariums.

Another category of animals that can be found in public aquariums are reptile and fish displays. These displays tend to only contain one or two species of animals. This is because reptile and fish exhibitions tend to attract only a limited amount of people. A public aquarium might therefore limit its reptile and fish displays to a certain number of species, which makes them more expensive to maintain.

Aquariums today abound in all types of sizes and shapes. In the past, aquariums that contained amphibians were less common but today this is not true. There are a lot of aquatic animal exhibits in public aquariums. Aquariums display both live and dead creatures. Another category of exhibit in aquariums is freshwater fish and tropical fish displays, which again, are divided into fish only, and live displays.

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