RealMe 5 Pro Prices Revealed

The best smartphone for music lovers, the Realme 5 Pro has all the features to make your mobile experience more pleasurable. With the touch screen of HTC U11 and the camera of Sony Ericsson, you can capture stunning photos, videos and instant messaging. It offers a multi-touched interface which is easy to use and ideal for travelers.

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Realme 5 Pro Cost in Available Markets of Taiwan: The realme 5 pro is offered at an affordable price in many mobile outlets including HTC outlets and Sony Ericsson outlets in Asia. In addition to these outlets, realme 5 pro is available at various online mobile stores at a great discount. This powerful handsets come with a unique dual cameras with 5 megapixels each for shooting clear and crisp images. It has a large battery, Android version of HTC U11 and a stylish physical home button on the bottom edge for easy and convenient navigation realme 5 pro.

HTC Desire HD Plus: This phone has everything that a modern professional needs in their mobile phones like high resolution camera, great camera quality, multi-touched interface, high memory to keep pictures for long hours, large memory to store information, fast network connectivity, text and web browsing tools, and a large number of innovative features. This is one of the mid-range mobile phones from HTC. You can easily buy it through any of the reputed mobile stores of India. In addition to this, you can also get a cheap deal in some online mobile portals.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc – A powerful PDA for those looking for a good compact mobile phone with a lot of features and a decent price. The all-screen phone has an impressive resolution of 5 mega pixels and has a complete set of software allowing the user to surf the Internet, exchange emails and play games. The Android version of the handset runs on the advanced version 4.2.2 Kit Kat OS, which is also supported by a great number of add-on apps that are preinstalled on the handset.

Nokia E71 – If you are looking for a high end device with a lot of features, the Nokia E71 would be the ideal choice for you. The allwinner device of the brand has a lot of networking options and microSD slots. The device is powered by a quad-core processor from Samsung and comes with a large color screen and a high resolution camera. It is available in single and double SIM variants with the first one being preinstalled with plenty of useful applications. For a real 5 pro price, the single SIM variant of the handset is more than enough to do the job.

HTC Desire S – The HTC Desire S is yet another mid-budget smartphone which was launched in October last year. The device has a lot of advanced functionality compared to the common cheap phones of the same category. The real 5 or price of this device is yet to be decided as it is currently sold out in some shops. It comes with a powerful quad-core processor from Samsung and comes with over 18GB of expandable memory.