Acid Reflux Rebound – How to Avoid it Using Acid Reflux Diets

There are an incredible amount of people suffering from acid reflux disease. If you are diagnosed with this serious condition you will in all probability be put on drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s). These drugs are used to reduce or stop the production of stomach acid to prevent the refluxing of acid into the esophagus. Although some people prefer to try acid reflux diets as an alternative.

PPI’s work very effectively, and are easy to use. Once you start taking them it is it is like a new lease of life as you can now eat and drink things that in the past caused you a lot of intense pain. However trying to stop taking them becomes a problem for a lot of people.

Although PPI’s are initially given for a certain period of time a lot of patients end up taking them for the rest of there lives. Both Patients and doctors take the easy way out and folk are prescribed the drugs on an ongoing basis. There has not been any real studies as to the long term effect of PPI drugs and the verdict is still out on whether one should be taking them continuously. On the one hand acid reflux is a serious condition and the drugs keep it at bay. On the other hand we have effectively stopped the production of stomach acid which is vital for the digestion of our food and the intake of vital nutrients our body’s need.

By reducing or stopping the flow of hydrochloric acid in the stomach it is known that the digestive process is inhibited and restricted. This complex process normally helps secrete enzymes which break down the proteins in our food, this in turn allows the released nutrients to be absorbed into our bodies. Another big job that the digestive juices do is to inhibit the growth of the many micro organisms that grow in the stomach and such an acidic environment helps to prevent infection.

So one question we should ask is it safer to stay on proton pump inhibitors long term or should we try to use acid reflux diets to prevent our heartburn? By taking PPI drugs are we in an acid reflux heaven or will turn into a kind of hell for PPI users.

Straight after stopping the use of PPI’s the proton pump which helps create stomach acid starts working again and overworks producing far more acid than we can cope with. This is called “acid reflux rebound”. If you have ever suffered from acid reflux and stop the medication the resulting over production of acid can become quite frightening and the pain unbearable. This can produce a catch 22 question and sometimes folk will go straight back onto the medication after becoming quickly disheartened. This is all good news for the companies, who make billions of dollars in profits each year but not for the patients.

So how does someone cope with the situation they find themselves in? People do not like taking drugs and would like an alternative solution. They make a decision to stop the drugs and find themselves in a worse position than they where before. It’s no fun after making the effort to stop taking acid reflux medication and find that next day your esophagus is raw with the scarring from acid burns, you can hardly talk as the acid has also burnt your throat, you are in constant pain and on seeing a physician you are told that by stopping taking the medication you are leaving yourself open for developing cancer of the esophagus. If this is not enough to scare you back onto the drugs then what is?

You can survive acid reflux rebound

Once the esophagus is damaged it is hard Acidaburn to heal. But there are ways to turn it around and lifestyle changes must be made and that includes using acid reflux diets. You should make a list of what foods cause acid reflux or better still and easier go online and get a list from the experts. You need to change your diet and avoid the food and drink that trigger acid reflux. These should be replaced with foods that are easy to digest and are recommended for folks with acid reflux disease.

Fast food has become a way of life but they are full of foods classed as junk food. The type of food we are talking about contains high levels of salt, sugar, fat, and nearly all have unhealthy food additives. Some of the things they lack include fibers proteins and vitamins.

Foods to avoid with acid reflux

This is not an extensive list but it is a start.

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • spearmint and peppermint
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Fatty foods and fried foods
  • Onions
  • Citrus fruits
  • Spicy foods
  • Products which are tomato-based
  • Caffeinated drinks

Foods you can eat to reduce heartburn

So eating certain foods can give you acid but also other foods can reduce reflux occurring.  This includes multi-grain breads, couscous, rice cakes. Some dairy products including low fat cottage cheese, feta and goats cheese. Some fruit including apples, bananas, melons and berries, nearly all vegetables, egg whites, fish and lean meat and Soya products.