Know the Dangers of Breast Reduction Surgery

Big breasted women who are tired of the physical and psychological inconvenience of carrying huge breasts want an instant relief and plastic surgery is what they have in mind. Plastic surgery is the most popular surgical procedure today, due to the advancement in medical research and technology, it is considered safe. But it cannot be denied that even with the presence of advance medical techniques, surgery in general, is still risky. The dangers of breast reduction surgery still exist and you must be aware of those risks before subjecting yourself under the knife.

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The dangers of breast reduction surgery can range from simple infection to fatalities. As you may have heard or seen in the news, there are cases of death after breast surgery or plastic surgery. Although cases like this is rare, you still need to be aware and have in mind the risks of surgery ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

The most common risk of cosmetic surgeries like breast reduction surgery is scarring. Although this is not a fatal complication, women are still concern on how the skin around their breasts will look like after the surgery. Of course they prefer flawless skin after the surgery. Although most plastic surgeons aim to avoid scarring or to make the scars temporary, most surgeries still end with permanent scars.

Bleeding or hematoma can also occur after the surgery. This is a common complication after plastic surgery and may result to other complications if not attended immediately. With hematoma, which is the accumulation of blood or swelling filled with blood on the incision area, you may need another trip in the operating room to have it drained if the hematoma is too big. Smaller hematoma goes away on their own but you still need the advice of your surgeon.

Nerve damage is one of the dangers of breast reduction that could be serious and irreversible. Women who had breast surgery may experience lost of feeling on the operated area. Losing nipple sensation may occur temporarily or permanently. In some cases, instead of losing sensation, the nipples become over sensitive that even a slight rubbing of clothes could make the nipple super sensitive that you will eventually feel pain. Women who had breast surgery may also not be able to breastfeed.

Fat necrosis is another risk that may occur after the surgery. This is the death of cells or tissues on the surgical site due to the lack of supply of oxygen and may lead to the formation of breast lumps or mass. Although fat necrosis is a non-cancerous condition, the lump or mass may resemble a carcinoma of the breast on a mammogram test that could lead to confusion and so further medical attention is needed to rule out carcinoma issues. In some cases, another surgery is needed to remove the area of necrosis. Sometimes the dangers of breast reduction surgery like fat necrosis can be really confusing, so it is best not to assume but consult your doctor when you notice lumps after the surgery.

Breast asymmetry issue can be a problem after breast reduction surgery. Although most women do not have breasts of identical shape and size, obvious unevenness can be really bothersome. One of the dangers of breast reduction surgery that you may encounter is extreme breast asymmetry issue. Although this can be corrected, of course you wouldn’t want to go through a series of correction surgeries and you want it right the first time. After breast reduction you want your breasts to look natural and symmetrical but unfortunately in some cases, surgeons failed to achieve what the patients want.