DUI Checkpoint Challenges Ahead – Smart Phone Apps and Fewer Arrests

What if the authorities put up a DUI checkpoint and no one came – then what, would that be a reflection on the great job that they are doing, or would it be because everyone now has a smart phone with various apps which alert the driver’s to the GPS points where this Friday checkpoints might be 中年交友平台? Perhaps this is a question we ought to be asking because not long ago something very interesting happened in my town, and it was rather shocking and alarming.

You see, there was an interesting segment on the local TV news near me recently; “No DUI Arrests in Palm Desert Checkpoint” reported by KPSP Local News Channel 2 on April 17, 2011. Prior to that in Palm Springs same thing with 600 cars stopped. Now then, consider what an incredible waste of time this was for everyone involved, and perhaps consider the cost to the taxpayer 交友平台. After all, how much do you think it costs to have a paddy wagon, a K-9 dog sniffer, and 10 to 15 police officers, along with a mobile command center set up on duty for the duration of the checkpoint on a Friday night?

Okay so, why didn’t they catch anybody? Obviously 識女仔地方, they weren’t letting people go who were intoxicated, rather, there were fewer people out drinking and driving, which is a good thing right? But why, is Alcohol getting too darn expensive and fewer people are indulging and going to bars? Are the people who are going out to drink at night drinking less due to the cost? Are fewer people going to bars because they are now doing online dating, and they don’t need to go to bars to meet people?

Are the drinking establishments warning everyone ahead of time where the sobriety checkpoints are, and causing people to go a different direction to get home? In our city they publicize the locations in advance, and maybe that is part of the problem? Or are more people simply not drinking and driving and designating an assigned driver who has not been drinking to drive them and their friends home safely?

Personally, I think it is a combination of all of these things, plus the police are doing a better job getting drunk drivers. Further, I would speculate that all the smart phone apps are alerting everyone of where the sobriety checkpoints are, causing those who know they’ve been drinking to be quite careful and use a different route. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider all this and think on it.