Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat – 5 Tips for a Flat Belly

Of all the problem areas women face when they lose weight, belly fat is the absolute worst. It is the most stubborn area to lose, even after the weight is gone. Toning this area and being able to lose belly fat will depend on what types of activities you are capable of doing. Thankfully, because this is such a problem area there are many exercises that have been developed especially for this purpose.

As with all exercise and diets make sure you speak with your doctor to get recommendations.


If you can do them, crunches are the best exercise to lose belly fat. Crunches are much easier on the back than full sit ups, and they essentially do the same thing. The key with crunches is that you need to make sure that you work out all the muscles of the abs, not just the front ones.

Start by laying flat on the floor with your arms behind your head or crossed over your chest. Pull your knees up so that your feet are flat on the floor. You will need to prop your feet underneath a piece of furniture or have someone hold your feet down for you. Pull your body up into a half sitting position, just pulling the top part of your body off of the floor. Hold this for about one second, then lower yourself down again.

To work the other muscles of your stomach, known as the oblique muscles, you need to repeat this process. However, this time you are going to twist your body to the right or left as you come up. To help exercise these muscles you can actually pull your foot up to meet your elbow rather than keeping your feet flat on the ground.

You should do at least ten repetitions of each position, or thirty reps, each day. Work your way up to doing as many as fifty of each position.


Most people think of walking as a great way to exercise leg muscles and lose weight in general. But did you know this is also a great way to lose belly fat? Only long distance walking will do this for you. You’ll have to walk at least one mile every day to see results. But if you walk consistently, you’ll start seeing results within a couple of weeks. You’ll continue to see results more quickly after that. This is a great low impact way for people to lose belly fat, especially if they have a bad back and cannot do crunches.

Exercise Balls

There are many exercises you can do with exercise balls that will help you lose belly fat in a very low impact way that will not stress any of the muscles of your back or knees. You can easily do Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews these exercises, such as laying on the ball and rolling your hips in circles. Or, you can sit on the ball and lift your legs one at a time in a slow march. Most of the work you will do to lose belly fat in these exercises comes in keeping your balance on the ball while you do the exercises

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a great way to lose belly fat. Especially if you bring your knees as close to your belly as you can while using the bike, you will find that you lose a lot of belly fat with this simple exercise. With portable, mall exercise bike frames that can be used in any chair, you will find that it is much easier than ever to do these exercises. You will have to use the exercise bike at least thirty minutes each day to see good results.


The food you eat will have a big effect as well. To much fat and sugars will pile up so eating badly and exercising is not a good combination. Both aspects need to be in place if you are to effectively loose belly fat.