Over The Counter Nail Fungus Treatment – Treat Nail Fungus At Early Stage

Many people suffer from nail fungus infection. This is basically a nail infection that is caused by a fungus. Fungus thrives well in dump, moist and dark places and the nails provide for that environment. Toenails however, develop fungus infections more than fingernails due to the fact that shoes and socks provide a favorable condition for them to survive.

Over 30 million Americans have this problem, with more men suffering from it than women. This is greatly attributed to different lifestyles between men and women, with men being more involved in outdoor games than women and more likely to share facilities such as changing rooms. Children are less affected unless there is a family history of nail fungus.

Who Is Vulnerable To Nail Fungus Infection?

Almost any person can contact to fungus infection, but certain people are more vulnerable to the condition than others.

The Elderly: The older one gets, the lower the immunity and thus they become more susceptible to the condition.

Various Sporting Activities: People who engage in running activities risk a higher chance of contracting nail fungus Fungus Clear due to sweating a lot on their feet. Swimmers have a higher chance of contracting nail fungus infection, since fungus like to live in dump moist and warm areas and are therefore very common around swimming pools.

Smokers: Smokers are quite vulnerable to fungus infection and the more they smoke, the higher the chance of getting fungus infection.

Occupation: Jobs that demand a person to spend a lot of time with their feet and hands in water for instance life guards. Workers in the construction industry also face a high risk of getting toe fungus infection.

Health: People with circulatory problems face a high risk of getting nail fungus infection.

Over The Counter Nail Fungus Treatment

It is easier to treat fungus during its early stages. When you notice any of the mentioned signs, seek treatment immediately. The treatment you need for your nail fungus depends highly on the degree of infection.

During the early stages of infection, a home remedy can work very well in curbing it. However, if the infection has spread, then there are various over the counter medications that work well in treating nail fungus. Most of these over the counter medications can be obtained without prescription.

Some of these medications are costly and come with some side effects. There are lotions, creams a well as ointments that work well in treating fungus infection. Many of the over the counter medications need to be applied on the affected areas and given time to penetrate the nail. They are not a once off treatment, but you need to exercise patience as the medications get deep into the nail so as to see any results. Most medications are meant to stop the fungus growth, and it takes some months for the nail to grow to the normal size.