Free Publicity – Shout About Your News

Entrepreneurs and business people can sometimes feel out of their depth when thinking about doing their own publicity. Everyone knows that one way of getting your news into the press and media is to write and issue a press release Pimpandhost.

The press release is an important tool and can be highly cost effective. Once you have written, issued, and followed-up the press release then your time commitments are only in proportion to how successful the story is. Of course, there is no guarantee of coverage once you have spoken to a journalist but understanding how journalists think and work puts you in a pretty good position to make the most of those opportunities.

Writing an effective press release takes time and skill. You have very limited time to capture the interest of thh journalist, only really the first paragraph. The key in putting together and issuing an effective press release is to ensure it has real news value and is presented in the right way. That does not mean that something has to have just happened to be news. There are many ways you can use to ‘create’ news that will interest the press and media.

If you are stuck for your news angle then think about what your customers and prospects would be interested in, what value and expertise you provide. What expertise do you bring, what is it that you know about your area of expertise that your customers don’t?

You may need to be creative to identify your news angle – challenging thinking and being controversial is a useful way to spark debate and discussion. You are an expert and you need to convince the press and media, as well as your key target audiences, of that.