Cheap Rental Cars – A Great Way to Save

About 48 percent of Americans owns a car according to the ratio, it shows about 10 out of 20 people own two cars, it could be an old and a new one or two new or two old. In this case it is clearly project a drastic need for car rental companies. Renting is not just for people who can’t afford to buy a new car, but also for people whose careers require flexibility. Therefore cheap rental cars would really make sense

Renting a car now a days is a very practical move, it is something that people should not be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong in saving and being practical when it comes to cars. If you are looking for a quality, cheap rental cars, there over 300 car rental companies where you can choose from. In United States, their most popular destinations are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and Chicago. There are also cheap rental cars companies from other countries as well.

Here is to name some cheap rental cars. These are the companies that might comes first when you think renting and when it comes to negotiated rate s, Thrifty, Dollar, Europcar, Sixt, Enterprise and Alamo. Aside from being a well known car rental companies, they can even assure you of their excellent services. You can also check out on Hertz, Avis and National they are the car rental companies that has it on wheels.

These companies are very consistent in meeting their customer’s satisfaction. You might need a car either for leisure, business trip and for your most awaited adventure. They will make sure that the car renters would really enjoy. They also provide varieties of cars from the small, medium to luxurious car name it and they have it. Obviously, their ultimate goal and commitment ends in making the renter enjoy their journey and reach the destination safely with their well maintenance cars.

When renting, specifically in the US you must keep the following in mind. There are three requirements to rent a car from most of the car rental company chain. You must have a valid driver’s license. Make sure to have at least provide two valid identification ID for verification (it can be a student, company or government issued ID). A minimum age requirement of either 18 or 21, though in some rare cases you must be 25 years of age. And lastly, Credit card or a debit card is a must, make sure that the card used has additional funds range from $100 to $300 available because the company will authorize and hold funds for incidentals like mileage overages and gas depending on the rental company policies.

Before you get into the contract of those who offers cheap rental cars, make sure you understand their policies. Reservation is very important whether on-line or over the phone. In some cases, car rental companies will require you to provide your own proof of insurance if they don’t provide it. One more reminder, Renting under someone else’ name is a “no” “no”.