How to access KickAss Torrents (KAT) – Weekly Post

The invention of these small TV like boxes with a keyboard and a mouse, which is collectively called the computer, revolutionized this era up to such an extent that imagining living in a world without them seems like a nightmare. We could have lived without computers only if the internet did not exist. The birth of the World Wide Web gave a new edge to our already exciting life. It brought with it a lot of things which people living in the era before internet would never have believed.

Most of us now a day use the World Wide Web for several purposes like shopping, making new friends, gaming, social networking, acquiring knowledge on virtually anything, taking businesses to greater heights, opening your personal diary for the whole world to see etc but if a term like Seedbox comes to us we would be unable even to gather a simple idea about it. People would be seen wondering what it is, if asked about seedbox. It’s high time we should be aware what seedbox is and what purpose it serves. Many of us do not know that it is the backbone of the new improved internet where we share very large digital files among ourselves in very less amount of time amongst ourselves.

Coming on to the actual meaning of a seedbox, it can be defined as a dedicated server used for the sole purpose of uploading and downloading various types of files which include media or digital files at an ultra high speed. It generally uses bit torrent protocol although eDonkey 2000 network are also used for uploading and downloading purposes. They run flawlessly on most of the operating systems currently in use like Windows, Mac or Linux thehiltonian. They have merits like maintaining anonymity, ratio independent, being fast and reliable etc.

The reason of being a big attraction among P2P (Peer to Peer) and torrent communities is its ability to transfer massive files at an alarming speed. Thus they are a source of frustration for users who do not have access to these kinds of resources. You might have made up your mind but let me clarify a dedicated seedbox is not a specific type of machine any computer ranging from a laptop to a powerful HTPC can serve the purpose. It must simply satisfy certain conditions such as it must seed torrents from its location, must be administrated remotely and should have a fast internet connection.

There are a number of seedbox hosting companies in the open market now who offer all these services for a meager sum of money. The features available with these kinds of service providers are a large amount of disk space, unlimited traffic up to 100mbit, privacy, a number of active torrents and not to mention FTP access. Now with these kinds of advantages provided you might be tempted to host your own website at your home. Please don’t do so because your PC can be vulnerable to attacks as it is bared open to the whole world, backup becomes a headache because of he syncing between web host and your computer and the bandwidth won’t be enough. So get rid of the idea and avail services which come at a pinch of your pocket.