The Truth About Becoming an Amazon Super-Affiliate

In the world of affiliate marketing, one must give kudos where kudos is due-Amazon. Amazon practically pioneered affiliate marketing as we know it today with their associates program. The program has evolved substantially since the early days, but one thing has remained constant; it continues to pay millions of dollars a year to ordinary people like you and me, many of who have quit their regular day jobs as a result. This is the dream of anyone who works a amazon grueling day-job; to either win the lottery or make enough money quit their job. Many relish the idea of becoming financially-free doing what they love. One avenue to financial freedom is becoming an Amazon super-affiliate. But the position of Amazon super-affiliate is highly coveted, not so much for the freedom it affords but for the insane income that affiliates realize. But how can one make more money a week than they make a whole year, as an Amazon affiliate?

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Most people begin the process the wrong way

There is a substantial buzz surrounding the Amazon affiliate marketing and payout system right now. This has also been heightened by the recent economic uncertainties that have seen many lose trust in their jobs. Unfortunately, when considering becoming an affiliate for the Amazon store, many people have no clue how to begin, much less how to make the phenomenal profits they seek. This article was written with the assumption that you have a website and want to sell Amazon goods, both physical and electronic, from your website. In another article, I will cover the correct process of setting up an Amazon store.

Use specialized software to conduct your research and cut your work load

Abraham Lincoln said if he had six hours to cut a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening the axe. Preparation is essential if you are to succeed as a super-affiliate. Many website owners simply buy a domain name, set up a site, sign up for the Amazon associates program, slap some Amazon widgets on their site, then sit back and wait for the profits to roll in. After some time, they realize that no money is coming in and they quickly dismiss the entire program as a hoax.

The best way to start marketing Amazon products is to take the guesswork out of the entire equation and use specialized software made for Amazon research. Using special software can unearth the best products in their categories not to mention the best keywords for targeting those products. This cuts your work by almost 80% and gets you concentrating on marketing your site and getting content.