Starting a Blog – How to Write and Create a Popular Blog

Before you start blogging, you will need to know exactly what a blog is. A blog or ‘web log’ is a way of publishing electronically on the internet. It is a diary of sorts that allows internet users to write and publish articles on their specialist subject(s) for profitable reasons and as a hobby. It informs readership of opinions, facts, reviews and products and is used by many internet users as a source of information.

So to create a successful blog, first of all you must consider what you are going to write about Choosing a subject, which is important to you and you have plenty of knowledge about, is the best way to create an interesting and popular blog. Writing about issues you are passionate about will not help you meet others with similar interests, but means you are more likely to stick to the blog, rather than just forget about it in a few weeks. After all, you want to write about something you enjoy.

Keep in mind to keep your writing focused . Write stylistically and stay focused on writing for your audience. If your audience is going to be used to jargon, then it’s fine to use technical terms and to go into detail; however, if you’re attracting novices to the subject, it’s best to leave the jargon out. Writing for a specific audience successfully is completely about putting yourself in the shoes of your readership and taking a personal approach.

Level of formality depends also on the content of your writing. For instance, formal writing is not suitable for a light hearted and comic blog, but is for a more serious web log. Formality is something you have to decide upon yourself. It’s also up to you if you want to take the personal approach, which is attained by usually speaking directly to your audience via second person pronouns and direct questions. A more formal approach can be attained by avoiding first and second personal pronouns and instead using the third person, or by completely avoiding personal pronouns.