How to Live a Long and Healthy Life – Secrets of the Okinawans

I have lived more years then I care to think about but thankfully they have all been healthy years. Now this didn’t happen because I have ‘good genes’ (I don’t) or because I got lucky and beat the odds (no such luck), no this happened because I wanted to be healthy so I worked toward that end.

Now you might ask; who doesn’t want to be healthy? Well my friend all you need to do is sit at the mall for 30 minutes on any given Saturday and observe the people walking by and you’ll get your answer. Evidently very few! Obesity is rampant with all it’s related diseases, hospital emergency visits are skyrocketing and disease ridden people flock to the pharmacy in record numbers to stock up on drugs that do nothing to improve their health.

We as a willing society have been duped into health complacency. What I mean by that is individually and collectively we have a herd mentality believing the TV adds and nightly news and the hoards of so called experts telling us what is and isn’t good for our health. We have relinquished our good common sense and the God given herbalife 副作用 healing attributes of the human body. Instead we dutifully get our shots, vaccinations, prescription drugs and bad advice simply because we are told to. Few of us take the time and effort to educate ourselves concerning health issues.

Our health is the singly most important issue facing every human being and yet we act as if it is vogue to be fat and out of shape. We wear our health ineptness with a badge of honor. Paradoxically everyone will tell you if asked ‘I want to be healthy’. So with that assumption in place let me explain a common sense approach to maintaining a healthy life for all your life.

First and foremost you must start thinking for yourself. Question the authorities that put demands on you, not irreverently but with inquisitiveness. Get the answers you need to make your own health decisions.