Marketing on a Budget: How to Advertise Your Business for Free Using Classified Ads Websites

When you begin advertising your new company, unless you were fortunate enough to receive a large grant or obtain a business loan, your advertising budget is likely minimal. The unfortunate side of this is without some form of advertising there will be no sales and in turn no revenue, which means backpage alternatives you have no business. While many businesses will come out-of-pocket and pay fees to advertise on Google or in the newspaper, many start-ups cannot afford to advertise as their capital is being focused on production and overhead.

For the unfortunate few without an advertising budget there are some free advertising venues at your disposal that can actually get you some major traffic. My personal favorite are free classifieds sites like and more recently These sites allow you to place FREE ads (in most areas) with plenty of space for words and pictures, and some even allow you to spice up your ads with large banners or even HTML code and even allow “no-follow” backlinks to your company website. While many people have discouraged use of these sites, I 100% recommend this avenue for the business owner with no advertising budget. Without the use of free classified ads websites, in particular, I never would have done as well as I have thus far designing websites, and would have bombed completely as a used car salesman.

Using classified ad websites allows you to place free ads with pictures and descriptions, including contact information, online where the entire world can see. You can post detailed ads in your city and state in your niche category and gain customers that many business overlook. There are many thousands of users on these sites searching for everything from cars to bed sheets so there is an area for every business to showcase their product or service. By using these sites you can gain great exposure if used properly at no cost to you but the fees to pay the internet company.

When you decide to start advertising on classified ad websites, you will notice that some will prevent you from making duplicate posts. This is an effort to eliminate spammers. The benefit of this is you will get a lot less junk between your ad and the top of the page, but it does mean you will have to do a bit more work to get more ads posted. While this may seem like a pain, it is a good idea to create multiple different versions of your ad. It will allow you to advertise multiple different aspects of your business, and won’t have you coming off like your spamming when customers see your ad more than once.

Using classified ads can help increase your exposure, often at little or no cost to you, and will let people know you exist. These sites have been my main source of income for a long time and can assist you in ways that many companies overlook.

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