7-Game Mix Tournament Strategy

Full Tilt has recently released its newest version of mixed poker, 7 game poker – only available on the Full Tilt site. Now, the big question is – will there be 7 game poker tournaments on Full Tilt? Short answer – yes, of course! Full Tilt is no doubt (at this moment) working on the software components to make the 7 game poker tournament a reality. For those who haven’t had a chance to play 7 game poker F95zone on Full Tilt – this is a mixed version poker game that consists of seven of your favorite poker games in one exciting lineup. 7 game is also called HORESHA – which stands for the games that make up this wildly popular new version – holdem, seven card stud hi/lo, razz, Omaha hi/lo, seven card stud, Texas holdem no limit and Omaha pot limit. Watch for Full Limit to put these tournaments live anytime; with the buzz about 7 game poker reaching a peak level in recent days – they are likely scrambling to make everything come together in order to give poker fans what they want – tournament action!

Skills Required

To be proficient in a tournament style 7 game poker matchup, you’ll need to throw everything you know about all of the games in the mix together – and consider the individual concepts of the individual games to hone your skills. Being “good” at one game or the other is certainly important, but it is hard to become a master of all of the games that make up a mixed poker game. While it is optimal that you are able to play with some level of proficiency during all of the games, be prepared to be “outdone” in some of the rotations. For this reason, it is best if you can be fairly good at four of the seven games in 7 game poker – if not, you may likely win one game only to turn around and lose those winnings in the next rotation.

Practicing for 7 Game Poker

Because Full Tilt and many of the other online poker sites offer free play as well as cash games, you should get in as much practice time as you can for each of the individual games in the mix in order to hone your skills to the level that you can overcome your opponents in a majority of the games. Pay particular attention to the weaknesses and strengths that you possess as a poker player – and use that to your advantage in your 7 game poker strategy. Practicing before a big 7 game tournament will make the difference between a fat bankroll and a meager one.

Taking Advantage Your Opponent’s Weaknesses in 7 Game Poker

Just as you learn your own weaknesses and strengths, you should also do your best to detect the inadequacies that your opponents will exhibit during 7 game poker. Play off of these weaknesses as much as possible. Just remember – you are no pro player at all seven games in the mix – and neither is anyone else at the table – more than likely. Detecting inadequacies may be as easy as watching for timid play or players who are holding back or checking but not betting for most of the games in a particular rotation. This probably means that they are not very good at that particular game.