How to Make a Blog

In this day and age people are becoming increasingly interested in creating blogs for personal benefit. Blogs have been used for all sorts of applications in the past including personal journals, business updates and news websites. More recently people have been very interested in the use of blogs to make money online and develop a significant source of supplemental income.

This is not a bad idea if you are willing to put in the work and learn internet marketing techniques that will help you obtain traffic for your blog Sherry dyson. The bottom line is that without traffic there isn’t much hope of effectively monetizing your blog and making it into a significant source of revenue.

In regard to creating a blog, there are several options but the two that I mainly like to focus on include the creation of a free blog via Blogger and a self hosted blog with an independent domain name that you would usually install WordPress as the blogging platform.

Both of the options allow you to monetize your sites so it really comes down to preference. I personally like to run blogs on independent domains because I don’t want to promote for huge companies our websites like Blogger and effectively if you are trying to generate traffic for your blogger blog you will inevitably create more clients for the company and not retain the sole ownership of that traffic for yourself.

Even though I recommend setting up your on web domain with WordPress eventually, a free hosted blog can be a great way to start practicing the basics of content creation and link building.

The first thing you may want to think about is the topic that your blog will follow. Generally people like to focus their blogs on areas that they have expertise in… We usually call these “niche websites.”

A niche is a specialization and if you really want to target specific people in your marketing efforts, find a niche that pays well and has a lot of advertisers and sponsers. Generally niches that tend to be pretty profitable include credit cards, debt consolidation, acne websites, weight loss, health and fitness and celebrity blogs always work pretty well.

After you find the niche, create keywords that fit into your demographic, for example if your niche is weight loss then consider creating a blog with the name weightlosstips in the URL. If you do this it will be a lot easier to rank well in the search engines for that term.

The Internet moves quickly. What worked yesterday may not work today. Strategies that built McMansions overnight just a few days ago are laughable today. You need to stay on top of new developments.

Blogging is a perfect example. A few years ago, only a fraction of the Internet marketing community even knew what blogging was really all about. Today, everyone seems to have at least a handful of blogs.

The tool has matured over time. Simple chronological journals are still around, but you are just as likely to find a tricked out WordPress-based system in a magazine format that can serve the role of static site these days.

But that is not new news. That’s 2008. What’s coming up next? Let’s look at some blogging developments for 2009.

Microblogging. Microblogging via services like Twitter will continue to exact a toll on traditional, established blogs. More and more bloggers will get their “share fix” via Twitter and we’ll see less content on those more traditional blogs as a result.

The blog as primary site. As WordPress continues to advance and more developers churn out plug-ins to meet every conceivable need, we’ll see more and more people switch to blog-based systems to maintain their primary web properties. The idea of the blog as a simple journal will continue to fade into the distance.