How Do I Start a Blog?

My next door neighbour has so much to say that sometimes I wish she could just write it all down somewhere. Not only that, but she is the sort of person who things just happen to. You and I can go out and spend the day shopping and come home, but not her. She will go out and someone will think she is a celebrity, or she will win a prize, or lose something and end up coming home on the back of a camel. You know! Things just happen. So I said to her “you should write a blog!” Well, a week later she was back: “How do I start a blog?”

It is actually much easier than you think to start a blog I know people think that you need to have a domain and have hosting and hard stuff like that. But it is actually much easier than that. There are many websites around which let you start a blog in seconds. One of them is Google.

With Google, you first need to register with them. Then, when you have logged in to your account, you have to click on the word ‘blogger’ on the next page. It really is that simple. This will lead you through the installation and you only have to follow the instructions exactly. It will ask you for a name. This is quite important and something which you should think about carefully.

There are so many folks these days with industry blogs that sometimes it’s really hard to tell who knows what they are talking about and who is a poser. Therein lies the rub, and once again we do not know what information to trust. An even worse challenge is trying to keep from wasting our time trying to discover, by reading through all the information to determine if that individual’s advice is worthy of mention.

It’s amazing how many people assume that they are automatically elevated to “expert status” merely for having an industry blog. It’s like they are saying to the world; “Okay, I have a blog, and I am therefore an expert in the field!” In reality you can see that such a mindset is utter nonsense. Perhaps, you too are upset at this phenomena, if you are one who tries to stay up on all the latest in you sector.

Scouring through countless news sources, online trade journals, industry association websites and blogs for the latest information and new insights in the sectors that I participate in, I just do not have time to be snookered into taking in data from false “self-proclaimed” gods of their own minds. So, I’ve developed a way to combat this;

First, scan the headlines of the blog quickly, then go to the “about section” and look at the individuals resume, if there is none, click out and write that blog down as a “no-go” but if the resume shows 10+ years in the industry, then go back to the blog and read 5-7 posts. Are these posts relevant or nonsense? If relevant bookmark the blog or sign up for email alerts.

One of the surest ways to make money by blogging is to join an affiliate blogging group such as Today, LinkedIn, or PayPerPost. These groups offer an opportunity to bloggers to make some serious money by blogging about a plethora of different subjects including opinions about current events, entertainment news and reviews about products and services. Affiliate blogging groups make money by placing targeted ads and text links on your site and then split the revenue earned from these ad placements with the blogger. Product and service reviews are the type of blog posts most valued by affiliates since it allows them to directly target a specific buyer with a specific product.

If you are not the type to want to share a piece of a profit pie with an affiliate, then you can strike out on your own and become an independent blogger and appeal directly to advertisers on your own. Owning your own site (or at least having your own blog) and selling space to advertisers is also a good way to make money by blogging. The catch is that you have to work a little harder and appeal to the right advertisers and build up a readership by yourself without the help of a built in readership base that an affiliate could give you. On the plus side, if you do enjoy any amount of success, you do not have to share it with some hosting company.

Another way you can make money by blogging is to simply sign up for a type of Pay Per Click Advertising which places relevant text ads or text based links directly into your blog. PPC Ads such as Google’s AdSense work by having bots crawl your blog for relevant keywords and then placing either small text based ads on a space of your choosing, or by creating static links directly within the blog. The catch with PPC ads, is that you need to have a significant amount of traffic on your site in order to enjoy any serious revenue.