How Can WordPress Blogs Be Used As Unique Websites?

While there are lots of options as far as websites few are as easy to use as WordPress. You may be thinking WordPress is only for blogs and bloggers, but the ability to change things with WordPress is what makes it a great website as well. Without learning any programming or anything else, you can easily turn WordPress into a regular website.

Because WordPress originally started as a blog format, it shows blog posts first. What that means is that it shows the latest blog post first This is called reverse chronological order, showing the most recent story first. The advantage of this is that your latest news shows, when you are providing information your information may change so your latest opinion is more accurate than older.

Yes, it is actually surprisingly simple to change your WordPress Blog into a WordPress website. The benefit is that you wind up with a static web page as your home page and you have a blog, or update page as well. This means you keep the blog and you can change the name of it to updates, news, latest, etc…

First you are going to go to pages, which is a tab on your dashboard. Under pages you want add new. Here you are going to create a home page. You can call it anything you like, but you probably want to use a name that lets people know it is the home page. This is the page people will land on when they visit your website, so you will want to add important information you want your visitors to read.

Next you will need to create a page that will be the new name for your blog. You can use blog, updates, news or anything you like. This name needs to reflect that this is where people can find the latest information. You do not need to write anything on this page.