Saving the World Starts at Home

To save the world we live in, we must start from home. As a first step, use energy efficient machines at home. The right choices can save us about 30 percent of the energy and also helps to decrease emission of greenhouse gases. Using the government’s Energy Star Program when replacing old appliances, remodeling or buying a new house can help us to buy without sacrificing features, style and comfort.

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Turn off appliances and lights, fan and air conditioners when you leave the room for a period of time. Use the microwave instead of the convection oven to save electricity hotel furniture manufacturers. Purchase ‘Green Power’ for your home’s electricity if it is available. Repair leaky air conditioners and heating devices whenever possible. Insulate the home, water heater and pipes. Remember that every trip out with your automobile adds to air pollution. Use public transport or cycle when possible.

To reduce the use of water, do not leave taps running when brushing your teeth or while shaving. Take showers instead of tub baths. Keep drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the faucet till water is cool. Scrape, rather than rinse dishes before loading into dishwashers and use only full loads. Wash with full loads only on washing machine. Buy efficient plumbing and fixtures. Repair all leaks (a leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons a day). Water your garden during the coolest part of the day. Water plants according to their needs. Use sprinklers to water lawn or garden only. Use soaker hoses or trickle irrigation on trees and shrubs.

Live by the principles of the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle. To reduce, buy permanent products instead of disposable ones. Buy and use only what you need. Buy products with less packaging and those that use less toxic chemicals. To reuse, repair instead of buying new ones. Use cloth napkins and shopping bags. Clean out juice bottles for reuse. Use empty jars for leftovers. Purchase refillable pencils and pens. To recycle, donate extra items to people you know or to charities. Recycle paper (printer paper, newspapers, tissues), plastic, glass bottles, cardboard and aluminum cans. If your community does not collect at the curb, take to a collection center. Recycle electronics, and used motor oil. Form compost with food scraps, grass, dead plants and other yard wastes. To help further, buy recycled products and products that use recycled packaging.

Some common household products contain hazardous components like paints, oils, cleaners, batteries and pesticides. The best way to handle hazardous household waste is proper and responsible disposal. Many communities set up collection programs to keep hazardous products out of landfills. The mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is to protect our health and our environment.

Global warming is a real threat [] that will affect generations to come. The atmosphere surrounding us that supports life is a God-given gift. It must be protected. We should be leaders in efforts to curb global warming, not resistant followers.

Globally, sea level has risen four-eight inches, over the past century. Worldwide participation over land has increased by about one percent. The frequency of extreme rainfalls has increased throughout much of the U.S. Scientists expect that the average global surface temperature could rise one – four-point-five degrees, Fahrenheit, in the next fifty years. And two-point-two – ten degrees, Fahrenheit, in the next century. Which could cause fifty percent of our animal life to be extinct in our children’s/grand children’s lifetime.

Global environmental issues and greenhouse effect is increasing day by day. It is in the hands of human beings now either to save the earth from further damage or to contribute towards destruction. Everyone wants to live a healthy living and everyone wants to live in an environment which is safe and free from pollution. Psst, has everyone heard that the best way in which everyone can lend a hand towards environmental protection is by going green in the homes? Simple changes and simple actions can lift some burden off the planet and give people chance to save the planet from further damage. Therefore, it is essential for everyone to adopt green technologies in homes as far as possible.

There are many ways in which people can go green in their homes. It is just a matter of adopting ways which will help to save energy and reduce the amount of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere. The first thing that people can consider is lighting. Old light bulbs can be replaced with energy saving bulbs so that they consume less energy, last long and homeowners save money on power bills. Energy saving fluorescent bulbs is durable and also provides more natural kind of lighting. Moreover, for natural light during the day, homeowners can keep windows of the home open.

Cleaning products often contain toxic chemicals which can be quite harmful for members of the family as well as for the environment. These days, manufacturers have started making cleaning products which are eco-friendly so homeowners have a chance to go green while cleaning as well. Moreover, as far as cleaning is concerned, many people are using household ingredients such as vinegar as a means of going green. People have the tendency to use air fresheners in home and these also release toxic compounds in the atmosphere which can also cause allergic reaction to members of the family. A good way to keep the home fresh in a green way is by keeping the windows open during the day and keeping green plants in home.

Kitchen appliances consume a lot of energy and therefore when it is time to replace alliances, homeowners should make sure that they buying eco-friendly and energy saving products. These will utilize less energy and help owners to save some dollars on power bills as well. Solar heating is a great way for water heating. It is an eco-friendly way and does not even cost anything after the solar panels have been installed. People can save huge amounts of money by installing solar heaters for heating purposes.