How to Get Your First Website – 3 Simple Steps

Starting a new business or website online can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. However, with the level of support and ease of user tools in today’s world, it’s never been easier to get the internet working for you without having to pay through the nose or fry your mental capacity in the process.

The internet is like anything else, once you understand how it works, it’s a breeze to get things done. The good news is there’s no mystery to it, but there is a little bit of a learning curve when you’re first getting started. In order to keep things simple, follow these 3 easy steps to get your first website up and running:

The ideas to make money with ClickBank, or as an affiliate marketer is to market that product till you can’t market it anymore. Your goal is to spread that affiliate link, or a website that was tailored to that affiliate product all over creation. Now I just do not like taking that long affiliate link and spreading it everywhere GoDaddy email login. It just looks nasty to me. What I like to do is go to purchase a domain name that is related to the product that I am marketing and do what is called as domain forwarding.

For example; say I find a product that has to do with paint your walls red. This product goes step-by-step on what pain you, what color you need, all the supplies and materials you’ll need, it even has video tutorials. I looked at the landing page its solid; it has a good conversion rate in clickbank stats. And overall it just looks like a nice clean website that even I wouldn’t mind purchasing from. Bingo, I would head straight over to I’d purchase a domain name, a long tailed domain name, such as “” now as you can see the domain name is keyword rich, and is almost a call to action domain name.

I then would go on to GoDaddy and forward that domain name to the affiliate product. This would allow me now to spread that domain name all over creation and make it look legitimate and official. Now it’s going to cost about $7.95 a year to get that domain name and you do not even need hosting. That’s about as cheap as I can get you in affiliate marketing. Oh and one other thing, if you do buy from, go to Google first and type in GoDaddy promo code. This will take the domain name from 10.95 a year down the 7.95 a year.

Now honestly that is the simplest and straightforward way and one of the best ideas to make money that I can present to you. As you may guess there’s a plethora of other ideas on how to market that website, how to drive traffic to that website, what keywords you should use, the list can go on. But if you’re just starting out and you want to get your feet wet there is no better way than to do it this way. Start with a solid foundation and you’re more likely to succeed. Now at the bottom of this page is a link, it’s a link to my YouTube channel. I have several videos on my channel that go over in great detail on how to market products, how to promote your products for free, and other moneymaking ideas. But as far as this article and that idea I have to say where do.

Finding domain names, is there a right way and a wrong way to get a domain name?
No, you can pick any domain name you want if its available.

To see if it’s available go to GoDaddy domain names and enter your desired name. There are many sites that sell domain names you can register with, I choose GoDaddy because of their credibility known to marketers. It’s very user-friendly, with awesome tutorials and a great supports system. If you are building an internet business they have an affiliate program you can sign up for free. You can make extra money just by recommending them.

If your domain name is taken or you’re not sure what Internet name you want to use, look up the Google keyword tool to find a name available and research a few names related to your niche. A lot of marketers use this tool to buy a domain name that is keyword rich to drive more traffic to their site. If done correctly you can drive massive traffic to your site following a few easy steps and the right domain name.

Choosing the right domain name could make you a lot of money. I would stay away from,.us,.co, I would if you can. More people, rather Some of these registered names could cost less than $10 a year.

GoDaddy has a forwarding feature you can use mask forward another business name to your site. If it is key word rich and gets a lot of look ups, you can move up in the search engines pretty quickly. You can also use up to 90 sub domains free with your registration. In the Domain Manager, you can add sub domains and forward them to URLs. You can also edit or delete forwarded sub domains.

Sub-domains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories in your hosting account. For example, if your domain name is, you can add sub and point it to a specific website in a sub directory of your hosting account.

You can also add multiple levels of sub domains. For example, you can add another Each sub domain can be up to 25 characters long. The process to add, edit, or delete a sub domain varies depending upon how you use it.

GoDaddy also has web hosting, which I heard is awesome, but I use Host Gator for my web hosting because it is integrated with our teachings in Income Infuser. Host Gator also has a easy affiliate program giving you multiple streams of income.

Finding the right name is not really difficult at all, finding a good one available is a little more challenging but with a little research I am sure you can find a good one that can be very lucrative and profitable for your business.