Read the News With Wireless Internet

Americans are living in an ever-increasingly fast-paced world. A few short decades ago, if a bombing happened half way around the world, you might here about it in a few days in a story in the local newspaper that was filed by a foreign correspondent thousands of miles away through a wire-system. Now, you will probably hear about such a terrible happening within hours of its occurrence, perhaps even minutes depending on the location and the type of event, its specific details, and its location. You will turn on your brand new flat screen television or log onto wireless Internet with your home laptop and there it will be: a headline alerting you of what has just happened in Pakistan, in France, or in Brazil.

More and more Americans are getting their news this way every single day. They no longer rely on the paper that flops onto their doorstep all wrapped in plastic every day at 6 in the morning to get their news Often, these traditional sources of media offer too little information too late: by the time the 1000-world print article comes out, you could have watched hours of TV coverage on the local cable news network or have read through five updates and a fair amount of analysis on the web with wireless Internet. Why pay for something slower and less up-to-date when you could get the fastest, newest information for free when you go online with wireless Internet?

That’s right: not only do you access information much faster with wireless Internet and television than you do with traditional print media, but you end up saving a lot of money as well! This is because the vast majority of websites out there allow Internet users to access their content for free. Whether you want to pursue the op-ed pages of the New York Times, read a pop-culture oriented blog like Gawker, or catch up on some human-interest stories that will tug at your heartstrings on Yahoo! News, you are unlikely to have to drop a dime on any of it. There are a few websites that compel users to pay for access, such as the Wall Street Journal, but these hold-outs are becoming the exception. In most cases, Americans are bypassing the pay services and finding ways to get their news for free.

Yet another great advantage of checking your news with an Internet device such as your 4G phone (which should give you access online in just about any location across the country) is the fact that you can share the news easily with your family and friends. If you see a story that analyzes life in North Korea, you might send it on to your coworker with whom you always talk politics. If you see an article about a new tax law that might be passed in your home state, you can forward it to your parents or your friends who might still live there so that they can stay in the loop. These people will reciprocate by sending you links to articles as well!

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