Selfie Inspired Architecture Is Worth Its Weight In Future PR

Who has the best selfies of all your friends? What is the most preferred selfie location for a superb background; Machu Picchu, Disneyland, or with your favorite celebrity or Presidential Primary Candidate? Well, what if as a local location it were the building you designed, the business you owned, or the product you produced? Hmmm, you are now thinking; “yes, that would be great for marketing, advertising, and PR.” Sure it would, so let’s discuss this a little deeper shall we?

Not long ago I made a trip to the Getty Museum and I was enamored at the exhibits and architecture. I was equally intrigued at how the people, mainly tourists, interacted with it in an almost intimate way dorian rossini. Yes, I am referring to their need to get a selfie in front of many of the statues and in front of the main sign and one with the view in the background, etc. all to perhaps post to their Facebook Page for bragging rights (self-validation). It was so fun to people watch, observe people doing this almost Mandatory Ritual. I realized that the world today has drastically changed from just a decade hence.

There was an interesting article titled; “The future of Southern California architecture: Is it selfie-ready?” by Leo Duran at Take Two Media posted on April 23, 2016. The piece stated;

“Los Angeles is one of the most picturesque cities in the world, with stunning beach views and iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign. But nowadays, there’s another way to measure how beautiful a new building or vista is – how does it look on Instagram? A new sculpture in Grand Park, for example, features breathtaking bronze angel wings that Curbed LA described as “selfie-ready” and it turns out, social media is having a real effect on the way architects and artists think about their craft as they design the next Broad Museum or Getty Center.”

Okay so, apparently I, the lowly observer of humans in their natural habitat, am not the only one who is thinking here. So how can you as a small businessperson, designer, marketing or advertising expert cash in on this obvious positive PR potential? Everyone who is trying to promote anything should be thinking here; non-profits, businesses, government agencies, college campuses, landmarks, parks, buildings, amusement parks, tourist attractions, automobiles, sports teams, churches, you name it, think on it early and often and reap the rewards for your marketing prowess.