A Fishing Game – Are You Up to This Challenge? I Dare You!

Truth is that I have never gone fishing, myself. Though I have watched many other people fish. Some places I have seen them with rods –fishing off the piers, and in other places I saw them with crab and lobsters cages–they were lowering them off the pier. And still some other places, I saw the fishermen biding their time peacefully at the edge of the beaches. I watched, observed, really took in what was happening and to this day, I still cannot understand the mystery of the lure of fishing. What is it all about and is it really about what the fishermen think it is all about?

I mean, if you are a fisherman, have you ever thought about going out into a boat without bait, without hooks, rods and all the extra equipment of the average fisherman or sportsperson? Have you thought about going out there empty handed or even with just a camera and a sandwich? So many times when I see the paintings of the fishermen Cat Palm Care!, I see them and I think, wow, imagine how peaceful that scene would really be if they would just let the fish live? Yes, I have wondered that.

And yes, before you ask the question, I have eaten fish, of course. And I do happen to like some fish (for eating) but that does not mean that I like the sport of fishing, at all. I mean it is all so violent. You kill the worms by putting them on the hooks, those poor worms who were minding their own business underground. You found them at the bait store and on you went to lure the fish into your space. SO you kill the worms, and then you try and hook the fish too. What serenity is in that? Yikes. Hasn’t anyone ever seen the shows on television where someone gets the fishhook in their skin? Wow, if that is not what goes around comes around, then nothing is. I can not even imagine having a fishhook sunk into my lip (as what happens with those fish whom you spear with your fishhooks.

Sportsmen claim that the fish do not feel it. Then if that is the case, why don’t they all just jump in your boat the way the fish did in Jesus’s time? If they do not feel it then they should not be avoiding it, correct? And if they are not avoiding your hooks then why do you need bait and lures also? Seems all contradictory to me. I would love everyone to fish for just one year, with cameras, and with videos instead of with hooks and rods. Just for one year. Are you up to the challenge? Imagine what a relaxing year for you that would be. Just take a year off fishing and go out on your boats with your cameras and with your video cameras. Ahh, just try it. Write to me if you are up to this challenge. Thanks!

A healthy diet will determine whether or not you have a healthy leopard gecko. Knowing what to feed leopard geckos in order to provide a healthy life can be difficult. Geckos will typically feed on insects, spiders, moths, worms, and mosquitoes.

You should feed a baby gecko daily, while adults can go every other day for a feeding. This may not always be the case however, so see what the eating habits are that your gecko sets for you as well. You can feed your geckos crickets, but make sure they are small enough for your lizard to actually hunt and eat.

With each inch in length your lizard is, that is how many mealworms you should provide to them. You can also give your pet waxworms once per week. Waxworms are treats for your gecko and therefore should be used sparingly. Though some lizards are known for having a sweet tooth, many do not. You can try to give your leopard gecko fruit or honey and see if they take to it. If not, there is no harm done. Always be sure to give your pet insects that they can also swallow.

Per feeding you can give your leopard gecko four to eight crickets at a time. This will greatly depend on their size. Be sure to not allow any crickets to stay in the cage after the lizard is done eating. Live crickets can make your gecko nervous and give them anxiety. You can leave worms in the cage after eating. If you do not feed your pet regularly, they will begin to shed and eat their own skin to survive. Though this is a natural process, you do not want to force them into doing so.