The Next Reality – Paying For Free Information

The New York Times is making news instead of just delivering it to its readers. Times have been hard on newspapers across the country. As the size of your daily newspaper dwindles, so have their profits. The NY Times operated at a $35 million loss in the third quarter of 2009.

To shore up its bottom line, the Times will now charge consumers for its web content. By increasing online revenue, it hopes to offset print advertising losses and utilize the digital press to build your business online. Let’s face it, we need our news organizations to be profitable Sherry Dyson. They provide a valuable service. As the “Fourth Estate” they act as our eyes and ears around the nation and world to keep watch on government while keeping us informed.

The New York Times’ “metered model” will permit visitors to read a fixed number of articles before charging a monthly fee. Any subscriber will have free unlimited access. It’s their way to boost readership and flip visitors into paid customers. They may even have to be more aggressive and use some online direct response marketing tactics and take advantage of social media marketing using Facebook and Twitter. Incidentally, the Wall Street Journal already charges for their online subscriptions.

A lot of people underestimate just how easy it is to be seen as an expert. Being seen as a real expert in your niche is important. An expert is someone who all others look up to. The expert is king. By being an expert you have both knowledge and power, which is incredibly important.

It’s actually very much easier than you might think to be seen as an expert. You have to display the same properties as you’d expect from someone else in a similar role. That means you need to have the knowledge. That means you need to have the name recognition.

In this article I’m going to show you three simple ways through which you can get knowledge. These are all free methods. They don’t require you to spend any money. They all use the power of the Internet. So let us get started.

The first place you should look is online forums. Forums are great places for networking. They tell you the questions that people in your niche are really asking. These are the things that are really bugging people. These are the things in which you should specialise. Take a good look around your forum and pick out one or two topics which are very important. Make it your business to learn about those topics. That way you’re ahead of the game. Now, any time somebody has a question on one of those topics you can be ready to answer them. By displaying your expertise in this fashion you are already presenting yourself as the expert which you are going to be.

Your next plan of attack should be to find free sources of news. There are many great news websites. You can browse these without even having to leave your own home. Even better, you can use a search on the site to just find the terms that are most relevant. Make it your business every day to find the new discussions that are most appropriate. Again, you can use that information to your advantage. You’ll be looking informed. You might even want to be the first person to post about these breaking stories in forums for your niche.

The third suggestion I have for you is really powerful. It’s to use blogs. In any niche there are passionate people who are writing on their blog all the time. Make use their expertise. Visit the blogs regularly and find out just what they’re talking about, as you know these people are going to take the time to find the best stories and ideas for the niche. It’s about piggybacking. You may want to start to comment on some of these blog posts. Use that to get a link back to your own site, page, blog or profile.