Streamline, Organize, Archive, Retrieve – SOAR Above the Data Chaos With Effective Email Management

Finding information instantly-the moment you need it-can be a challenge, especially when it is buried in email correspondence or attachments. Critical email communications can get lost in the shuffle when the recipient is on vacation, leaves a position, is unable to keep up with incoming email, or messages are inappropriately deleted. In the event of an audit or litigation, vital data may be trapped in someone’s Inbox, difficult-or even impossible-to access.

Time spent searching can slow your ability to make judicious decisions GoDaddy email login. If the information you need is trapped in someone else’s email, you may not be able to find needed answers. With a strong email management application that is tied to a document management system, however, you can streamline, organize, archive, and retrieve critical information stored in your emails and email attachments as soon as they are received.

An email management system that is part of your document management strategy gives pre-authorized persons the ability to search through your company’s mission-critical transactional data so that you can make informed decisions. When email management is integrated with business processing software such as workflow, the arrival of emails can trigger specific tasks that are part of your business routine, expediting processing. In the event of audits or litigation, the ability to search through pertinent emails saves considerable time and money. Also, it eliminates the temptation to print and file important email communications and attachments, conserving paper and eradicating waste.

This article explains the four basic parts of email management, and describes how they work together to ensure that data stored in emails can be easily found. It illustrates how proper email management can keep projects moving that are tied to email correspondence and files. Finally, it also explains how email can be integrated with digital workflow, allowing you to maximize the occurrence of specific events that are communicated via email.