How To Stop Your Email Marketing Falling Into The Spam Folder

Email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy for reaching potential and existing customers. You can use it to promote your products and services to a large audience in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner. It also strengthens the relationship with your customers and helps increase brand awareness. But if you send marketing emails in the wrong way, they can have the opposite effect and be viewed as spam How to delete a labels in gmail.

It has become more challenging for online marketers to get their messages into the inboxes of their audience. These days, nearly two in every eight commercial email messages do not make it to the user’s inbox. These commercial emails are either blocked altogether or incorrectly diverted to the spam folder.

And if your emails are considered spam, your reputation and your business will suffer. So, how do you stop your email marketing going straight into your recipients spam folder?

Email marketing is only effective when you have permission from the recipient to send emails to their inbox. Using opt-in forms where the user inputs their email address demonstrates that the person is interested in the services and products you are offering and wants to receive more information from you. Additionally, your email management software will keep a record of this opt-in should you get on a spam block list and need to prove that you had permission.