Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing has changed through the years. Back in the late 90’s when I came online we worked with something called Major Domo. This was the beginning of mailing list management. You would have this set up on your own domain and send emails to everyone who belonged to your ‘list’.

To subscribe people didn’t fill out a form, they had to send a message to the Major Domo on your server and say, “Subscribe”. To unsubscribe, do the same thing but with “Unsubscribe”.

Major Domo in Latin means “Head Of The House” and this is what you became when you sent out an email to the people who were on your house list. Unix/Perl based list management is how we built our first house list with our kitchenware business Email1and1. We later created a second list with our online vitamin stores. Then we had a fast growing list with people who were on our Bread Making Forums and subscribed to receive not only updates on the forums but also weekly and sometimes daily recipes that we sent out.

Groups grew beyond Major Domo into the popular Yahoo List Groups and then Bulletin Board systems. This is when moderation and exclusively really began to stick. If you were ‘admitted’ or ‘approved’ to a list you were given strict guidelines to follow and in turn for adhering to these guidelines you were given access to regular email updates, member interactions and ‘insider’ information.

EZine Newsletters became very popular and in the beginning of their usage were strictly text files shared with exclusive subscribers. Many were paid for EZines and they were something that you really took seriously when it arrived. Our Kitchenware business published a twice weekly EZine. When it became possible to add graphics, side bars, html linkage and more to EZines our business soared.

Today email has been sorely abused and misued by people who are not running legitimate businesses. They are also sorely misused by people who don’t realize they are a legal form of communication in the year 2010.

Think twice the next time you threaten, harass or send someone an email that could be used against you. It’s not acceptable to tell someone to go to somewhere in a vulgarity online, in emails or even on Facebook Direct Mail. Anytime you write anything to anyone it is a legal form of communication online. Court orders, lawsuits for child support and more are now sent through Social Media. The moment they are opened it is considered, “delivered”.

Email marketing is among the traditional ways of promoting the products that you are selling and making your online business progress more. Over the years, email marketing is among the online business promotion techniques that most internet marketers could not afford to skip. That is because, email marketing remains effective when it comes to converting sales. It is still an effective way of convincing more people to become loyal followers and customers of your online business.

As an internet marketer, you are probably thinking of using this method too, right? Or maybe, you have already implemented this for your business but you are still looking for more ways on how to make it more efficient. I would like to share with you some of the best email marketing techniques which have been proven to really contribute to the progress of your online business. Here are some tips on how to further maximize the potential of email marketing.

• Create variations in your blog or article topics. Email marketing does not necessarily have to concentrate only on the product that you are selling. You can create variations by incorporating other relate topics. This way, you will be able to keep the interest and loyalty of your subscribers. Usually, the tendency of other internet marketers is to focus only on product description and information about the business. This could get the attention of the recipient on the first or second time that they get your email. After this, they would most likely just delete your email without reading it if you do not diversify your topic. Do not just give them one topic over and over gain. Provide them with various topics that are related to the product that you are selling. Explore your niche and you will see that there are a lot of concerns that you can discuss through your emails. This will make your recipients interested with the emails that you send them.

• Do not be too persistent but do not be lazy in sending emails. There has to be a good balance between sending too many emails and sending too few. Emailing the people in your list everyday may annoy them and make them mark your messages as spam. This can be detrimental for your business. At the same time, if they get annoyed, you would also lose a lot of potential customers. Being overly persistent will not make them buy your product. They would just want to stop receiving emails from you. On the other hand, if you send emails to your subscribers just once every couple of months, you also would not be able to convert your recipients into customers. Most likely, they would just try to find other internet marketers who could give them more assistance regarding their concerns. The reason why other people subscribe to emails is because they are expecting to get some relevant information and some effective solution to their problems. So, find the right pace when it comes to the frequency of sending out emails. It would also be good if you have a regular schedule in emailing your subscribers.

• Choose your choice of words especially when it comes to creating the title of your email. There are certain words which increases the tendency of your emails to be marked as spam. I have often read and heard about specific words which can make your emails fall within the spam folder. Example of such words are ‘free’ and ‘sale’. Personally, I do not completely avoid such terms. I just try to be more cautious in using it by incorporating such words in moderation. The factor which has more impact in turning your emails into spam messages is the IP address you used for sending it. The reputation has more bearing than the choice of words.