Online Gaming To Improve Your Child’s Intelligence

Do you often have to pry your child off the computer and ask them to read books and play outdoors, instead? Parents often think that online gaming or playing games on the internet could harm a child’s development. Well, the good news is that there are games, that could stimulate your child’s mental activity and help them develop their IQ.

It is true that there are some online games that would encourage children to become aggressive and hostile. However, there are also games that would be able to enhance your child’s memory and logical thinking. Some research and surveys showed that there is indeed a connection between online games and IQ development.

Games like Tetris would help your child, even you to improve your score. Games with increasing level of difficulties would help your child to think quickly. Backgammon is another game that would help your child develop focus and strategy. Just like in chess, your child would need to visualize the opponent’s next move to plan their own strategy.

There are also strategy games where children would be able to think their own methods of dominating or controlling the game. There are also puzzle games which could help improve your child’s problem solving skills. Memory games, in which the child is required to remember and match similar pictures, would be able to help in developing sharper memory and prevent memory blocks.

Children can learn while enjoying online games. Parents should choose appropriate games for their child, avoiding those with violence and harsh words. Use technology in an appropriate and educational way.

There are even games that would tech your child about fiscal responsibility. Games like the Great Piggy Bank Adventure would help your child work for goals and be money smart. You could play alongside with your child to give and learn some money tips along the journey.

Parents could also explore playing games with their child. This way, they would be able to monitor their child’s online activity. This would also be a great chance to bond with your child and perhaps learn a few online tricks yourself.

Be cautious on how much time your child spent on online gaming. These games can stimulate brain activity, but successful IQ improvement would also include a healthy diet and physical activity. Parents should also watch for the time so that academics and other aspects of social life would not be sacrificed.

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