Home Based Business Online – Get The TRUTH Before You Spend Another Dime

So where do you get started? What is the secret to becoming successful in your own home based business? These are great questions and on the lips of everyone who wants to start a home based business. Nearly everyone wants to work for themselves so they can work their own hours and control their own destiny.

Imagine working for yourself with no one to answer to except you. OK, maybe your wife first, then you. You control your own lifestyle and reap the rewards of your efforts. Key to that last statement is reaping the rewards of YOUR OWN efforts. This means you get out of it what you put in to it. Sure it would be great to write your own schedule, but if you don’t work hard enough AND smart enough, you will NOT make any money and will be back working for some else in no time.

The real key to being successful in your own home based business is to build it part time while working full time. In other words, KEEP YOUR FULL TIME JOB UNTIL YOUR PART TIME JOB (your own home based business) MAKES ENOUGH INCOME FOR YOU TO REPLACE YOUR FULL TIME JOB.

It doesn’t matter if you pay someone to build you a website or you create one yourself for you or your business, the first thing you will absolutely need to do before you even start is that you need a domain name. For those of you who are complete novices at this, a domain name is your “URL” (or in other words, your website name). For example, if you “Google” the words “Buy a domain”, there are a number of places out there on the web that will pop up where you can buy a name….but which one is the easiest to work with?

You probably know by now that not always the best of anything pops up to the top of the Google list. Because you can get a domain name from any one of these companies (and a domain name that no one else has), you may think that getting one from anybody is okay. They are all about the same price, right? But some are not that easy to work with when you actually have your website created and want to launch your website.

My longtime experience with building websites recommends to you to just go to to get your name. They are inexpensive and easy to work with. They have a very GoDaddy email login user-friendly website. And they have great online customer service. And what is really key….is that they are super easy to work with when it comes to launching your website later. And believe it or not, GoDaddy does not always come to the top of the Google list. If you are new to this, you may not have heard of GoDaddy….even if it seems like an obvious domain staple to the rest of us.

Are you the type that thinks…”I know nothing about websites or ‘html’ coding, how am I going to do this!?” or “I can’t do this! I don’t even know computers very well! I’m going to have to pay someone to build me a website, and this might cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars!” Well, no more! You can take a deep sigh of relief as there are easy ways to create your own website from start to finish, and not have to take out a loan to do so.

GoDaddy.com domain names are one of our favorites because they have a good price and they are fast with redirects. Some companies take many hours, and often days, before your web site is “live” and pointing to another domain name. However, we have purchased new domains and had them repointing to our site of choice in just a matter of minutes with GoDaddy.com. So, if you are looking for speed and a quick redirect, we recommend GoDaddy.com.

Another company that we like and have been using for many years is Dotster.com domain names. Dotster has a very easy to use back office and it is great for anyone that is managing multiple domain names. The system will alert you whenever it’s time to renew a domain name and they also have many other features that you can use to make running your business easier. Ultimately, we like to keep our primary domain names secured through Dotster.com, and any redirect type domains are managed via GoDaddy.

If you are serious about marketing on the internet, learning the basics about buying and redirecting domain names is definitely a skill you will want to learn. Domain names are fairly inexpensive, simple to register, and equally simple to redirect. In the long run, a little creativity in choosing the right domain name can have a major impact on your new network marketing business.