Things to Remember for Your Pizza Delivery Person

Pizza delivery is a popular way to have a hot, tasty meal brought right to your front door. There are a lot of options available for ordering a pizza. Whether you go with the most popular pepperoni or want a traditional Margherita Style pie, make sure you have an idea what you’re ordering ahead of time. Many restaurants have menus online, giving you the ability to peruse the selections at your leisure in advance. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and if you cannot agree with others about your toppings, consider getting one half of the pie each way. There are also a few other things to keep in mind you place your order.

When you call, try to order quickly. Restaurants are busy, and the faster you get our order in, the sooner your pie will arrive corporate catering. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions. Asking about the day’s specials is a good idea because you might be able to save money or even get more for your money. And if you’re new to the restaurant and don’t know what they have, don’t be afraid to ask. They’re there to serve you, so although time is of the essence, it is equally important to make sure you get what you really want.

Of course, one element of speed is location. Make sure the restaurant you choose does deliver to your house. If they don’t, find one that does. Several factors play into whether or not they’ll bring your meal to your door. Distance is a factor, so make sure you find a place close enough to come to your house without too much of a delay. And if your first choice doesn’t deliver, keep trying. You’re bound to find a quality place with great food fairly quickly.

Once you’ve ordered, be patient. In the best circumstances it takes twenty minutes to get from raw dough to a baked pie. Then they have to drive from the restaurant to your house, and they’ve probably never been there before. Remember that GPS can make mistakes, and that they do want to get your pizza delivery to you as soon as possible. And keep in mind that holidays like New Year’s Eve are much busier, so it will take significantly longer to get it to you. Other events including sporting events, major television premiers and even unscheduled, unexpected occurrences will slow down the entire restaurant.

When they do arrive with your pizza delivery, answer your door promptly. Aside from the need to get to the next delivery, they’re going to be cold if it’s cold out and wet if it’s raining. Try not to make them wait. And if you have your money ready in advance, that helps. Being able to answer the door and pay them without delay is greatly appreciated. And, of course, there’s the tip. The tip is usually not included in the price of the pie. Make sure you include a tip as a thank you. Just like dining in a restaurant, a good rule of thumb for tips is 10% to 15% of the balance. Be friendly, and let them go on their way right away. Then take your order and enjoy your pizza with your friends and family.

And in further consideration when building your food truck for maximum profit at minimum cost, make sure you go to your local jurisdiction and know their laws and codes first and then have your truck built to those specs. And here’s sort of a bonus tip for you. Put in the contract that the truck must be built to these codes and specs and if they are not, the vendor will pay to have it corrected. Don’t try to work this out after the build; do it up front the right way while you have leverage with the builder. This is a big mistake I see many clients that I consult with make. Sometimes it’s too late by the time I get to them, but I want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. Make sure that you know the codes – and by the way, for every city or jurisdiction you’re going to park in, you have to go to their health department and find out what their codes and laws are. My city, Baltimore, happens to be one of the toughest in the country but yours can vary wildly in some aspects.

And of course, you want to make sure that your truck looks appealing. Remember this is your mobile billboard and it generates catering jobs and new customers for your restaurant. From personal experience, we actually had the roof of a food truck taped, so that when we went to a business district, the office building upper stories could see our website and a teaser message down there, so they could actually order online and then come right down to the truck and pick up their food.