Biology Research Topics

Biology is a fascinating science. Any student can agree that it covers many different areas. This can make research overwhelming. One way to make research more manageable and effective is to select the right topic for your paper. Knowing and having the skills required to pick a topic is not enough. We have put together a selection of topics that will make writing biology research fun and simple. Another way to relieve stress is to delegate the topic sentence or complete the paper to a reliable writing service. This can be a safe and trusted way to get help in any other discipline as well.

Below is a selection the top biology research subjects for your papers. We have separated them into sections dedicated for various biology areas in order to make navigation easier and more efficient. In addition, we have created an additional section which includes some of the most effective biology research topics.
Environmental and Ecology Biology Research Subjects

This branch of biology studies sustainability and global warming.

The effects of eco sustainability upon global economic growth

Ecology and specialities of aging.

Environment and plant ecology

Modern ecology issues: Environment and resources

Environmental assessment of plants.

New ecology hazards

Environmental issues in the marine environment

Pollution and ecology.

Sustainability in daily life

Environment sustainability concept.

The Effect of Global Pollution on People

How is continuous air polluting affecting the animal kingdom?

Diseases and their consequences from heavy metal pollution
Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

All living organisms are evolving and our planet’s lives are flexible, so evolutionary biology has some answers. This science area focuses on genetics, ecology, and paleontology.

Tinbergen’s four questions.

The phenomenon called cancer persistence.

The mechanism that allows for specialization.

Selective sweeps can be a problem in causing disease.

Genetic drift.

The evolution and progression of aging through history

Different populations possess the alcohol-dehydrogenase gene.

Why are people divided into races and what is the purpose?

How does society influence evolution?

The evolution of stamina.

The evolutionary process that led to ectotherms.

How does the psychology and geography of animals affect each other?
Topics in Immune System Biology Research

Research on the immune system is an extensive area, so we will devote a section to this part of biology.
Autoimmunity research.

Allergic reactions, immune system.

Asthma, immune system.

Tolerance to certain allergens.

How does stress impact immunity?

Is vaccination effective in strengthening immunity?

How do diseases and disorders of the immune system affect each other?

The benefits of vaccination

Potential problems in transplantation or immunology

People of different races have different immune systems and resistance mechanisms.

The functioning and function of the immune system.

Immunotherapy effectiveness.