Deciding Whether Or Not to Play Goalie in Ice Hockey

Many hockey players who have not yet tried playing goalie in ice hockey are tempted to give it a shot at one time or another. The great thing about playing goalie in hockey is the fancy goalie equipment you get to wear. From head to toe, pretty much everything that goaltenders in hockey Ice Hockey wear are specifically made for that particular position in ice hockey. Switching to goaltender from playing a forward position in hockey is not nearly as easy as it might sound. Too many people unfamiliar with hockey think that the goaltender simply stands there and then hopes the puck stays out of the net when a shot is taken in their direction. This obviously is not true.

Goalie is in fact a very difficult position that requires advanced skating ability, quick reflexes and athletic ability. You don’t just get to throw on a fancy ice hockey goalie mask and grab one of those hockey goalie sticks and automatically become a bonafide goaltender. There are many factors that go into making a successful goaltender, and if you are brand new to ice skating you should definitely not suit up in goalie gear and hope for the best. For new ice skaters it is important that they get the basics of skating down before venturing into the goal crease and trying to stop the puck.

Although being athletic can take you a long way in the position of goaltender, you definitely will want to fine tune your goaltending skills and not simply rely on your athleticism to help you stop the puck because you will find that you will be a very inconsistent goaltender who frustrates your teammates as well as your coaches. The best thing to do if you are an aspiring goaltender who wants to succeed at the position is to study professional goaltenders profusely. You might also consider attending a goalie clinic or two to help you get the basics of the position down as well.