Online College Degree Programs – Helping To Educate America

Most people who would like to pursue one of the many online college degree programs are held back by the supposed disadvantages of such programs. They hear that a prospective employer would not accept an online degree because it has no real backing and often the degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on. They may think that they would not really benefit from such programs kiến trúc because they would not get the mutual help they would like from classmates or from the instructors. Another fear that is often prevalent is that they would not be able to study effectively if they have to do so after a day at the office.

These fears are often baseless, however, and the person who would like to study with an institution offering online college degree programs should take into account the many improvements in distance learning. Today, most if not all colleges or universities offering online college degree programs are accredited by one of the six regional accreditation bodies. Accreditation ensures that the degree is similar to that given by a brick-and-mortar institution and that the knowledge imparted is on the same level. This is one of the major advantages of accreditation and the prospective student should not fear that his degree would be worthless.

Another supposed disadvantage is that the student taking one of the many online programs would not be able to get the same learning experience as that obtained by a student at a brick-and-mortar college. The lack of communication with fellow students is sometimes cited, as well as the direct sharing of knowledge between instructor and student. This is not the case, however, because with the intense use of multimedia and other technologies in well-planned online college degree programs the students would enjoy live lectures by their instructors. Additionally, they could replay the lectures as often as they wish until the lesson has been understood.

Lack of time to study is another supposed disadvantage facing students of online programs. The general feeling is that after a hard day at the office or wherever the student has to work to earn his living, the inspiration to study would not be present. The lack-of-time excuse does not hold water because if someone is sufficiently determined to get a qualification by taking one of the many programs online, he would know that this would entail a certain degree of sacrifice.