Vintage Dolls – Things to Consider When Starting Your Collection

Many people enjoy collecting vintage dolls for different reasons, not least of which is that it reminds them of the ones they had as children. It also gives you insight into history, just as stamp collecting does, but dolls have a much longer history than stamps.

Collectors can chose from a variety of vintage and modern dolls when building their collections. The older vintage dolls were made with porcelain before the bisque variety was created らぶどーる. Later, they were made with composite materials, vinyl, celluloid, china and plastic.

There are so many vintage dolls available in the market these days, how do you know which is the better investment? First, you should know that scarcity sometimes may put one doll ahead of another in the collectible bracket. Popularity is another factor which can increase its value. Barbie is a classic example as these dolls are always very popular with collectors with the more scarce ones being the most valuable.

Some enthusiasts specialize in certain styles of craftsmanship in doll production while other collectors are more interested in their clothing or particular materials of construction. For example, one who collects porcelain examples will be after the vintage models produced during the 19th century. On the other hand, a folk art collector will be very interested in the regional home-made types.

The main characteristic as far as most are concerned is the overall appearance of the doll. The price that it will bring relies heavily on this factor. An example of this would be that a nice looking antique Barbie would bring in a much higher price than a not-so-good-looking one. Another factor that affects its value is whether or not it is being sold with its original clothing or packaging. One that comes with all of its original clothing and packaging is always worth so much more than one without these items.