Goal Setting Your Way to Passing Bar Exam Results

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous Harvard survey. They found that only 3% of the graduating class of Harvard 1979 would write down their goals in life. They then surveyed those graduating members 10 years later. Those 3% that set goals ended up having ten times the amount of wealth the other 97% had combined! Get the idea?\ The mind likes to be focused. If you can tell your mind exactly what you want, it will help you get there. It’s like a car, wherever you steer it, it wants to go CISM exam.

So, lucky for you, this goal setting session won’t be filled with these type questions, “What are you interests?”, “What are you passionate about?”, “If you were an animal, which animal would you be?” For the purpose of the bar, you don’t need to discover what it is you want and then try and get specific about it. You already know.

Let’s write what we want, as if it’s a year from now and you are telling your friends something that has already happened in the past. “Hey, you know how cool I am?… Yep, it’s already in the past. And the more your mind thinks this is something that has already occurred, it will lead your thoughts and instincts towards making it an already-created reality.

Now, do make sure you fill in the blanks (or write the whole thing out yourself), and you read it to yourself out loud, in front of the mirror, three times every day or have it written out in front of you when you’re studying. You want to pass the bar exam! So, let’s write down our goal and utilize some affirmation-inspired language to help you get there.