Metal Water Bottles – The Perfect Water Bottle!

When someone usually thinks of a water bottle the first thing that pops to mind is one of those cheap plastic bottles that used to flood the market a few years back sheet metal deep drawing. Do you remember what drinks used to taste like when you drank from a plastic container? Are you aware of the health risks associated with those old plastic bottles?

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In this day and age a new range of containers are taking the globe by storm, and unlike plastic variations they eliminate the funny taste that comes part and parcel with plastic types, have no health risks and are environmentally friendly too. What type of bottles am I talking about? Metal bottles of course!

You see, whether you need a bottle for camping trips, for your bike or any other general use, metal water bottles are built to last and with prices being rather affordable there is no excuse not to have one. In fact, even doting parent are using them to store their babies milk or kids favourite drink, the possibilities are endless!

The leading manufacturers of water bottle on the market today are both SIGG and Klean. Both manufacturers offer variants, with SIGG focusing on Aluminium bottles and Klean focusing on stainless steel variants. Both bottles eliminate leeching completely, are recyclable, and of course long lasting too. No more buying and replacing your unit every few months or so, these are built to last!

In terms of price you will be expected to pay anywhere from $15 – $50, depending on the bottle in question. SIGG for example allow you to customize your in terms of colour and design as well as purchase various lid tops depending on what your requirements are. Other companies such as Nalgene are also a brand that many favour and a favourite amongst those that need bottles that are durable and affordable.