Absolute Must Have Plane Simulator Accessories

When flying a plane simulator you are able to control many aspects of the plane at once just as a real pilot would. Companies spend countless time and money making the flight sims of today incredibly realistic. So why then would we want to take from that experience by limiting ourselves to computer keys? When is the last time you saw a pilot fly a plane using computer keys or a mouse?

Companies have now come out with some pretty sweet controllers and accessories that connect to your computer through the USB port. You can spend a little or a lot, purchase one controller or a few. There are even full sized flight chairs, some so realistic they feel as if they came straight out of a real cockpit.

Flight sticks are a very basic essential that can add a high degree of reality to your experience. They are used to navigate your plane or helicopter and to fire ammo 7.62×39 surplus ammo at targets. They are fairly inexpensive but add to the realism tenfold. Just be sure the one you choose will work for what you need it to and that it will fit and sit firmly on your playing area.

While the flight stick is a great starter, there are also several other goodies you can add to your arsenal. First to come to mind is flight yokes. They are basically the equivalent to the steering wheel on your car and used to adjust your planes altitude.

You can also add throttle controllers. In a plane simulator throttle controllers are several levers that you use to adjust your planes elevator trim, fuel mixture and throttle. If you’re going to invest in a throttle, you may as well go all the way and get yourself rudder controllers and pedals. Why should your hands have all the fun? Put your feet to work as well as you command the rudder and toe brakes of your plane. The more pressure you apply, the harder your aircraft brakes. How can you not feel like a real pilot now?

Now if you just want to go all out and have the complete experience you can get yourself a flight chair. Flight chairs are full-sized chairs with come in a variety of shapes and sizes with that same variety of accessories. Some come as just basic chairs that you mount your own controllers to while others are full scale pilot seats complete all controllers, high def LCD monitors and surround sound. Not too many plane simulator pilots who wouldn’t go ape over that!