Some style tips for men Clothing

Here are some style tips for men that will give you guidelines on the best clothes for a man’s body type. These man-clothing tips can be useful in dressing you but you must be sure to follow these tips with care.

* Short-waist men must avoid wearing trousers or jeans at waist. Jeans with a low waist aren’t the best choice for you. In fact, tucking your top in wouldn’t be the best option. Pullovers are apt for your personality. Tank tops that are short and long are not recommended as they can highlight your waistline. Contrast concept wont look very attractive as it will interfere with the vertical flow. Therefore, a combination of pink shirt and black trouser shouldn’t be a choice. Ask your tailor to keep an inch higher on men’s performance suit waist measurement.

* Long waist men need to do things differently contrasted with shorter-waisted guys. For guys, the ideal style is a pair of low-waisted jeans with the contrast shade of a T-shirt inside. A double breast jacket is perfect for you to stop people’s eyes getting focused on your legs. Are you now understanding how to divert the attention of others? Opt for belts that have large buckles.

* If you have an extra-large stomach it is recommended that your clothes include a combination of light fabric and dark color. The lighter shades can highlight your big belly. Make it a habit to wear a vest because it prevents loose fluid from forming. Long sleeve T-shirt is appropriate for you. Don’t wear low-waisted jeans.

If you’re dressed in ethnic attire, there are many options available for you to choose from, however like we mentioned earlier, all kinds are not meant for you. For men who are short and slim, you must wear knee length curtas. Tall guys can opt for the calf length kurta as well.

So guys by now you should have an idea of what would suit you therefore follow these suggestions and disguise your bad body characteristics. We hope that next time you go shopping you’ll know exactly what you want & not be enticed by style or design of clothes.