I Want to Start a Business

Many of us have dreamed about going into business for ourselves. Utilizing our talents, the skills we have honed over the years and the knowledge that we have accumulated. Unfortunately, very few of us will do something about it, only 5%. We are going to explore self-employment to determine if it is right for you.

The reasons people go into their own business vary. Most of us have the desire to be our own boss. We want to get compensated for our efforts instead of getting a stipend while making money for someone else. We are interested controlling our own destiny businessmantalk.com. We want to grow and develop a business so that we can create wealth and build equity, live the life we want to live and perhaps even leave the business to our children. Whatever the reason, we all seem to have that urge to be our own boss.

So why do only 5% go into business for themselves? Fear is the main factor. They create many reasons (fear) why they shouldn’t go into business but in fact these are reasons they should go into business for themselves.

How often have you heard; there is so much competition in the business I want to start. Well, the good news is that it means there is a lot of interest in that industry and that no one has carved out the market as theirs. When the competition advertises that creates interest in the industry for everyone and will help create awareness for your business. Another reason that there are a lot of competitors is that no one has solved the customer’s needs to the customer’s satisfaction. This allows you to create an opportunity to better fit the customer’s needs, whether it be personalized service or your ability to move quickly to meet their needs without going through a series of steps.

Or you have heard that going into a business is risky. There is always risk in everything you do but you need to remember that if you have a good plan, solid financial resources, have professional and personal support, you are open to ideas, have the willingness to learn, are flexible in your efforts, if you have focus and the desire, drive and discipline to work the business you can be successful.

I am not certain that I am qualified to own a business? None of us are experts in every aspect of the business; that is why there is so much business support available in today’s market. There are business organizations, clubs, coaches, consultants, books, seminars, schools and if you have employees, they have accumulated knowledge to help you with your business.

I am sure you have been told or you knew someone who had failed or it is simply a bad idea. There will always be those who will tell you that it won’t work, but they are one’s who will not try. Thomas Edison had many failures, but he kept going. His innovations have impacted every part of our life. Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka started a company to make rice cookers, they never sold one-the idea didn’t work. Decided to make tape recorders, then transistor radios, televisions, stereos; the company is Sony. Dick Schultz had an electronics store that was struggling, ready to go out of business, was on credit hold. A tornado destroyed one of the locations which made him change the way he did business. In his home market was the largest consumer electronics firm in the US, Schaak Electronics with over 100 locations nationally, they are out of business. Two other large consumer electronics stores, Highland and Circuit City, came into the market, they are out of business. The name of his company, Best Buy.

Relating to our discussion as it relates to financing ongoing business operations, once you have established your business then you may want to consider the possibility of taking credit cards. If you are heavily engaged in e-commerce, you can usually secure a line of credit based on your amount of money that is coming in through the credit card receivables that you receive. For instance, if you operate an e-commerce website that generates $10,000 a month in revenue then you can typically obtain a credit line equal to approximately $10,000-$20,000 depending on the specific lender. This is commonly known as merchant financing and it can be a very good way for you to manage your cash flow on a month-to-month basis as you plan on starting a home-based business. However, unlike in SBA loan that were conventional business loan, merchant financing based on credit card receivables is typically very expensive. As such, it is strongly recommended that you use this type of marketing sparingly as it does cost a significant amount of money. Typically, work in financing is approximately the same interest rate costs associated with a personal loan or credit card.

Also, you’re going to want to think about whether or not you shooting for your business or create a limited liability company to manage your business operations. If you do decide to incorporate create a limited liability company then you will have the ability to create a bank account in the company’s name, and don’t conduct business under the company’s name, and have that company almost act as a third-party as he progressed business operations. Additionally, there are many tax benefits associated with incorporating as you will be able to more effectively receive and deduct certain expenses for your home-based business. On a side note, and home-based business should ever be started for tax savings purposes. In fact, the IRS has cracked down substantially on individual entrepreneurs have created a home-based business solely with the intent to write off a substantial amount of their ongoing living expenses were ongoing business expenses. As such, you need to ensure that you are operating this as a legitimate part time business it is simply based out of your home. When you’re starting a home-based business, we strongly recommend that you have a certified public accountant or tax attorney work with you so that you can properly plan out how certain normal expenses within your home will be deducted if you were Corporation or your limited liability company. Of course, you do not necessarily need to start a corporation or limited liability company in order to larger business operations. At the onset of operations, you can decide to work as a sole proprietor which means that ultimately everything that you do as you conduct business is through you as an individual and not as appropriate. However, with this comes the risk of unlimited liability if something should happen or if you are sued. For instance, many business experts often recommend that a individual business does incorporate into the fact that it should something go wrong be litigating party can typically only go after the assets that are held by the corporation. However, if you were acting as the sole provider, any leading party can come after all of your personal assets including your home, vehicles, retirement accounts, and other issues and assets that you may have been held by your person. As such, you should make a determination as to whether or not you will be engaging in any type of activity or selling any product that ultimately could have some potential for you don’t wind up in court for one reason or another. Again, we always recommend these speakers with attorneys for all of the advice as it pertains to these matters.