Nuts Magazine – The Way to a Man’s Heart

The nuts magazine was considered to be one of its kind when it started its publication. It made a history of sorts by becoming the first ever lads magazine to come out on a weekly basis. Thursday was the initially marked as publication day. However, it soon changed to Tuesday and the marketing slogan associated with it gained popularity as it warns women not to expect any help from their men folk on that particular day of the week.

The lads’ magazine is a term that means a magazine catering to the men. Consequently, opting for a nuts magazine subscription will enable you to peep into your fantasy world and enjoy yourself thoroughly. However, it will be wrong to assess the magazine as a girlie magazine only While the topic of girls does pop up at regular intervals, it is definitely not the lone subject matter of the magazine called nuts.

Games- Casino games as well as online poker games are one of the biggest draws of the magazine version on the web. The lure of making a quick buck remains strong and most of the subscribers do take a shot at the game of luck, week after week.

Sports News – Sporting news from around the world gets to be featured regularly. Spain winning the world cup is big news now and men all across UK can get to read about their game plan and luck as well as the analysis of the final. Rugby, basketball and cricket also get to be highlighted at the appropriate times.